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A new era for cat litter

Premium Tofu Cat Litter is a product prepared by people who love cats. It's 100% natural, made entirely out of eco-friendly ingredients. This litter is designed to help you maintain a healthy and free of allergy home. It is made of biodegradable and flushable materials, making disposal simple. Tests of absorbance showed 420% better results than common cat litters as well as incredible odour control. Feel free to order your Premium Tofu Cat Litter UK today.

A New Era For cat litter

Our organic Premium Tofu Cat Litter is a 100% all-natural cat litter solution. It is a hypo-allergenic product made from natural ingredients which are designed to keep your entire household safe from allergies. It is flushable, biodegradable - safe for our planet and is 420% more absorbent than other litters. Especially safe for kittens and with superior odour control. Order Your Premium Tofu Cat Litter Online in the UK.

Superior Odour Control

Clumping action ensures that odours are neutralised almost immediately

100% Natural

Long-lasting, lightweight and kind to kittens

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100% Natural Premium Tofu Cat Litter 15 L, 6.5 kg

As a cat owner, you want to ensure your cat’s litter is providing the best comfort and health for your pet. Premium Tofu Cat Litter is our number one choice!

Premium Tofu Cat Litter is an all-natural cat litter made from tofu. It is a revolutionary new product on the market that benefits owners and their cats alike.

Our litter is specially designed to handle your cat’s business. It absorbs 420% more liquid than other leading brands, clumps fast and controls odours so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Order Your Cat Litter Online NOW!

4x Better absorbency, 4x savings!

Fast clumping - only 3 seconds!

Incredible odour control

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