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16 Signs Your Cat is VERY Happy and Healthy

16 Signs Your Cat is VERY Happy and Healthy

As loving pet owners, we all want our cats to be happy,  however, cats can’t speak the same language as us so sometimes it is difficult to tell if they’re actually enjoying themselves or not.  Some cats are so indifferent that they never seem happy even though they are sending subtle signs that they love the life you are giving them. 

In this blog, you will learn 16 signs that indicate your cat is truly happy.

  1. They use their litter box 

Cats communicate with their owners through the litter box.  Happy cats use the litter box as expected. If your cat has made a habit of missing the litter box or eliminating somewhere else entirely it’s a sign that they are anxious, stressed or they are suffering from an underlying medical issue.  A dirty litter box is another reason for out-of-the-box elimination. Cats who don’t like the type of litter may also choose to eliminate out of the box. If the issue is persistent consult with a vet as your cat may be sick or unhappy. 

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  1. They are playful

If your cat is healthy, comfortable and happy they are more likely to be playing. A cat who’s often playing with its toys or who is always ready to join in a game of laser chase is probably a very happy cat. Your cats’ fun-loving nature can indicate that they’re feeling good and that they’re also comfortable enough with their surroundings to cut loose and truly play. Keep in mind that in order to enjoy play cats have to be carefree and relaxed. If they are stressed about something or in pain they often won’t play much. So if your cat is lethargic or won’t engage with you then it may be feeling unwell or unhappy. 

  1. Code appearance

Cats are fastidious when it comes to their grooming. A shiny clean coat is a sign of good health and an indicator that a cat isn’t experiencing any emotional or environmental stress. An unhappy cat will have uneven fur and a dishevelled look. They may even start to neglect their grooming routine. If your kitty is not keeping up with their grooming habits consult your vet as this could be a sign of a health issue number.

    13. Deep Sleep 

Cats who are happy in their homes are more likely to let themselves sleep deeply and comfortably even when you’re around. Cats are vulnerable when they sleep, so they naturally tend to seek out quiet spaces where they’re safer before taking a nap. If your cat happily sleeps on the couch or in another central place in the house, they’re showing that they’re confident and content in their surroundings. If your feline friend chooses to sleep in your room or next to you rejoice, that means your cat really trusts you. Remember distrust breeds unhappiness. 

  1. A healthy appetite

Happy cats tend to have healthy appetites.  If your feline companion refuses to eat or has a diminished appetite, it could be a sign that they’re not feeling well or that they’re experiencing anxiety or stress. It can also be something more serious like an illness. If your pet isn’t eating like their usual self make sure to visit a vet. 

  1. They make a chirping or trilling sound

Have you ever heard your feline friend make a high-pitched chirping sound kind of like a cross between a meow and a purr?  This sound is almost always a sign of positive emotion or a welcoming vibe. It often happens when your cats are pleased or excited. It could be that they’re happy to see you when you get home,  excited to snuggle on the couch or thrilled about the food you’re preparing for them. It’s their way of saying – I’m a happy cat. They want you and other animals to know that they come in peace. 

  1. They bond with other cats

 A happy cat, who’s well-settled,  will have good relationships with the other cats in your house. Watch to see if your cat sleeps with,  plays with or even grooms the other cats. These can all be positive signs that your feline friend is happy and gets along well with their other buddies. 

  1. They appear relaxed and calm

Happy cats aren’t always overt about their happiness. So if you’ve got a particularly chill cat, don’t worry, being calm and relaxed are also signs that your feline companion is content. In fact, healthy happy cats sleep an average of 15 hours a day. If your cat isn’t sleeping that much it could be a sign of stress or illness. 

  1. They blink slowly at you

Blinking may seem like the most common motion to us,  but for felines, it’s a sign that they trust you. That’s because when cats are blinking their guard is down and that shows they’re happy and content.  If a cat is slowly blinking at another cat or person,  they want the other party to know that it is a friendly look and not a hostile stare. However,  direct eye contact without blinking is considered to be a challenge or threat.

  1. They rub against you

Felines have scent glands on their forehead, chins and cheeks that release pheromones. By rubbing its face on you,  your cat is depositing their unique scent on you and marking you as a buddy.  In other words, your cat is happy to be with you. Interestingly enough bonded cats who live in the wild groom and rub on each other to promote a colony scent. Rubbing on you is a sign that your cat sees you as a family member and is happy in its relationship with you. 

  1. Their tail is in the question mark position

Cats use tail positions to tell you how they are feeling. It’s their way of

letting you know when they are happy and content, feeling scared, threatened or even in pain.  Happy confident cats hold their tail upright or in a question mark position. These cats are in a good mood and usually ready to interact. However, a lowered tail, a puffed-up tail or an arched back indicates the cat is in a fearful aggressive or hostile mood. This is often a clear sign that your pet is not happy and you may want to look into figuring out why. 

  1. They want to cuddle

Though cats may be viewed as solitary, independent animals who prefer to do their own thing,  they also enjoy cuddles and spending time with their favourite person.  Sleeping curled up with another family member,  animal or human is a sign of pure love and trust.  In other words, these cats are happy in their relationship and are expressing their love for another. If your cat is unhappy at something or someone is making them stressed,  they may try to hide or take themselves off to another area if they can. 

  1. Your cat shows you its tummy

If your cat rolls over and shows off its underside to you, it is a sign that they are happy. Cats who expose their belly are in a very vulnerable position showing their vulnerable parts indicates comfort, contentment and trust. Anxious or unhappy cats will hunker down to hide or get into a defensive position ready to fight. 

  1. They need or make biscuits

You might have noticed your cat is making a strange kneading motion on a soft surface such as a pillow, blanket or even you. It’s completely adorable but it’s also a sign that your feline friend is in a very good mood. You may also notice they purr and have their eyes half closed which are often other signs of feeling safe and content. 

  1. They purr

Most people recognize purring as a sign of a happy cat.  For the most part, if your feline friend is purring you can be assured that they are happy and content. There are rare instances though, cats also purr when they are in pain or nervous but this is often paired with negative body language such as laying their ears flat, putting their head down or hiding. If your cat seems relaxed and is curled up next to you and its motor starts you know for sure that your cat is happy. 

  1. They talk with you

Cats don’t meow with each other once they leave their mother,  but a happy cat will meow and talk to its humans.  You can learn more about why cat’s meow and become conversationalists with your happy and chatty cat. If your cat greets you when you come home with quick and high-pitched meows, it is a sign that it is happy to see you and it is in good spirits. Happy cats may also meow to seek out your attention because they enjoy interacting with you. In this situation, your feline friend’s meow is a way to say please get me a treat, pet me or play with me. Generally, a high-pitched meow is a content cat while a low-pitched meow may indicate an unhappy or frustrated kitty who is more demanding.

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