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6 Signs Your Cat Is Dying :(

6 Signs Your Cat Is Dying 🙁

1. Loss of willingness in eating or drinking

It is natural with animals as they draw nearer to the end they stop eating or drinking. This is mainly because they are too tired and also very sick and hence do not possess so much of the energy to put in an extra effort to process the food and drink. This results in further damaging their health making them extremely drowsy and usually, dehydration is also caused in their body.

2. High weakness

Another major symptom that can be observed is the high weakness that the cat is enduring in their body. This is because the cat’s body is usually fighting from so much of illness internally which we don’t even realize and hence that makes the cat very tired and fed-up. The cat will usually just keep laying in one corner of the house and literally do nothing. Another thing that can be recognized is that cats will intend on sleeping too much during this period. Another way to observe is to notice the cat’s hind legs and this is one of the reasons of not being much active or roaming around the house.

3. Decrease in body temperature

Cats are usually the type of animals that tend to have a very high and warm body temperature. The body temperature for the cats do not drastically fall before their death however, slowly and gradually the overall body temperature starts to decrease. This can be taken into consideration if you examine the extremities of your cat that are the ears and the paws, they tend to become cooler and cooler as they draw nearer to end and in most cases drop below a hundred degrees.

4. Changing appearance

Cats who are very sensitive pets they are very much delighted in keeping themselves neat and clean. When they have the strength and are healthy they give a lot of attention and time to themselves in order to groom themselves. When the cats come colder to the end of life they usually become very messy and very dirty. This can be clearly understood since they lack the internal energy they decide not to use any further in grooming or cleaning themselves. Another important thing is that there are very high chances that they even develop a detectable odour. This type of odour usually comes up due to the very simple reason that since cats are very ill they build up these toxins in their body.

5. Hiding

The common culture of the jungle is that whoever is weak and small becomes the easy target for other animals to hunt. A similar thing happens with cats. As they come nearer to their death they usually go into the hiding. A major reason is that before they were healthy and possess all the strength to defend themselves. However, now with a lack of energy, strength, and the ability to fight back or defend themselves, they are easy targets to get hunted. Hence they prefer to go into hiding and stay there so that they can be safe and can die in peace without the threat of any other animal taking advantage and killing them.

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