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7 Worst Mistakes You Make With Your Cat

7 Worst Mistakes You Make With Your Cat

Remember, A Cat is a Cat!!


7 Worst Mistakes You Make With Your Cat

It is possible from time to time you wonder why your cat seems to dislike you or show you no interest at all. You try playing with them or teaching them a new trick but your cat comes across as a “user” who is only nice to you for food or affection. You compare them to a dog who would give you devotion and show excitement when you come through the door. They would be more involved if they were a dog you casually wonder.

Well, that is your first cat mistake. You have forgotten you have a cat and what a cat is, does and the essence of what they are. They do not have the same relationship with humans that dogs have and if you are questioning why your cat isn’t more “dog-like”, then you need to check your thoughts, ask yourself a few questions and correct your behaviour at once. 

While some cats are indeed “dog-like” in their personalities, they are in actual fact cats with cat traits and you must respect them and appreciate them as such. 


Toilet Privacy

A common mistake we make in taking our cats for granted is not considering that when our cat needs to relieve themselves, the placement of the litter tray is very important.

While a lot of people just want to hide the litter tray somewhere out of sight, the positioning of the tray can make the difference in whether your cat develops bad toileting habits or not. 

You see, cats need their privacy when using their litter tray, they need to feel safe and know they will be undisturbed when doing their business so putting the tray behind a noisy washing machine, for example, may startle your cat or they may not like being around the noisy machine. They should not feel trapped or at risk of being disturbed by people passing by or by other cats in the household and they should feel comfortable in their designated space or risk litter box aversion.

The litter used should be comfortable on their paws and easily disposed of when maintaining a clean litter box. Premium Tofu Cat Litter is made of 100% natural tofu which has been especially formulated for kittens and It is soft and gentle on cats’ and kittens’ paws. As it is 100% natural it is safe if accidentally ingested.

 The Tofu dissolves completely in water making it safe to flush away down the toilet saving you from taking bags of soiled litter to landfills or alternatively the tofu can be used in your compost (please remove solids before flushing/adding to compost)

As cats are meticulous in their cleaning habits, they require their litter area to be kept clean and fresh too which is why with Premium Tofu Cat Litters excellent odour absorbency your litter tray will never offend. Simply scoop, flush and enjoy the 4 times longer-lasting cat litter than store-bought brands.

Don’t forget, if you have more than one cat they will each need their own litter tray, designated space and an extra litter box.


Not Cat Proofing the Home

Once you have a cat it might be a good idea to go around the home and make sure it is safe for your furry friend. There are many household products and things we have in the home that can negatively affect our pets’ health and cat proofing the home is always something to consider.

Reclining and mechanical chairs have been reported as a hazard for many pets if owners are not vigilant when using this type of machinery.

Hot irons, uncovered candles and open microwave doors have proved very dangerous and owners must take into account that cats are inquisitive creatures that can get into the smaller spaces around the home.

Many household cleaners are toxic to animals and great care must be taken that your cat is not walking on wet floors or surfaces that may cause her to become very sick and require urgent vet attention if she licks the substance from her paws. 

Many household plants and bouquets brought into the home can be very toxic to your cat and cause life-threatening situations. Please remember that Lilies, Tulips, Foxgloves and many other common plants can cause your kitty to die if they ingest any part of certain plants.

Check out our blog on Plant Toxicity on our webpage premiumcatssupplies.com


Not Taking Your Cat to the Vet

We cannot stress enough the importance of vet visits, especially as most of us have no idea how to tell if our best friend is sick. Cats are very good at hiding their pain and sometimes until it is too late we are unaware that they have been in pain.

 Sometimes it is something as simple as a toothache that has caused them to not eat for days, lose weight and become grumpy and hide but it is important to find out if anything may be wrong with your cat and get them the appropriate medicine or treatment they need.

It is essential to have your cat vaccinated by the vet to prevent many life-threatening diseases, have them chipped for identification purposes in case they ever get lost and have regular checkups once a year as and when necessary.

This will help prevent costly vet bills later on in life by keeping yourself informed of your pet’s health as the years’ progress.

If your cat is an outdoor cat we recommend a monthly flea and worming treatment to prevent infestations in the home lastly please do have your cat neutered to prevent harm and injury to your cat and allow them the safety that neutering brings.


Not Cattifying the Home

Many people forget about cattifying the home and think a cat bed and a few toys will be enough. This is wrong because your cat will only become miserable if there is no stimulation for them. Cats are active creatures (when they are not asleep) and naturally curious.

 They like high or hidden places that allow them to feel safe and secure while giving them a good lookout point from which to survey their surroundings. They need enrichment to their home life so it may be a good idea to start with a cat tree and cat shelves so they are able to feel stimulated to climb, leap and pounce from shelf to shelf.

Premium Cat Supplies have the perfect cat tree to stimulate and keep your cat entertained for hours. With multiple shelves for your cat to relax and view on, the height alone will win them over. made of soft padded material, with scratch posts on every level, we are sure this is what every cat owner needs in their home to have a happy cat with their own special area.

Cats are quite possessive of their human and of their things and like to have a selection of toys in a basket to muse over before selection. Their scent will be on these things and cats will use them as comfort markers that these are their things in their home.

In a multi-cat household creating a clear walkway to allow the cats to not get in each other’s way may be a good idea and done with wall shelving.


Bad Diet

Cats are carnivores. Meat eaters!!  It’s what they were naturally meant to eat.

If you want to give your cat a good diet you need to ensure they are getting a high meat and protein diet.

 Some people feed their cats dry food which is fine as long as it has a high meat content then it will benefit your cat but beware of cat foods with high quantities of meat substitute giving you an average of only 4% meat content and this is usually left over meat by-products that are surplus from the human food chain which manufacturers have bought cheaply. These include lung, kidney and liver. Beware of many popular store-bought brands who have been doing this and please make sure to read the ingredients on the packet to find out exactly how much real meat you are actually giving your cat.

 There has been an increase in quality cat foods being made available on the market which are made using human-grade quality meats with as high a meat content as 60 %, but online companies like KatKin can deliver 100% prime meats, calorie counted and cooked especially for your cat straight to your door all wrapped up in recyclable freezer proof packaging. It also works out to less than £1.50 a day to feed your cat this way and with the high meat content, you will find your cat’s poop doesn’t smell as bad as it used to.

Be aware of what foods NOT to feed your cat like onions and garlic, raw eggs, chocolate and dog foods.  Always keep their bowls clean and water fresh daily if in a bowl (whether they drink it or not always provide fresh water) and place them in a position away from their food bowls and any possible contamination i.e. the bin, windy area.

Shouting at or Frightening your Cat

This is probably the worst thing you can do to your cat. To instil fear in your cat is just asking for problems and your relationship with your cat can have permanent damage.

Cats have very acute hearing and rely on your tone of voice to determine whether to approach you or not and if you have suddenly yelled at your cat and frightened them there is a risk they will avoid you and stay out of your way thus spoiling the chance of you to get close to and receive affection from your furry housemate.

Your cat may run away out of fear or hide under the bed for long periods of time. They may hiss at you to warn you to stay away from them as you are an unpredictable human and even lash out scratching you after you have frightened them. They may become anti-social and avoid humans altogether or attack you and your guests before you get a chance to be unpredictable and shout at them again.

Remember there is no way to “discipline” your cat and shouting doesn’t work rather the opposite. If your cat jumps up in front of the tv when your favourite show is on, rather than yell at her to move (she won’t), ask her nicely to come over to you or offer her something tempting to move her away instead. This is the best approach with cats. Always ask them nicely.



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