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Why You Should Adopt 2 Cats Instead of 1

Why You Should Adopt 2 Cats Instead of 1

They say that two is better than one but does that apply to cat adoption? There’s no simple answer but we’re going to try to break it down for you. There are plenty of benefits to adopting more than one cat and in fact, it’s often easier than just adopting one. Cats do very well in adopted pairs because they are family-oriented animals.  They enjoy sharing space with other cats but only if they have bonded. In fact, studies have also shown that families are more likely to keep cats in their home long-term if they adopt a bonded pair, but that’s only one of many perks to having multiple cats.  Now without further ado, we’re going to explain why you should adopt two cats instead of one.


What if you already have an adult cat?

 There are certain scenarios where multiple cats might not be the best move and already owning an adult cat is one of them.  Many people think that the older cat will take the kitten under their wing and care for them but that isn’t always true. It actually gets less true the older your first cat gets. Consider your cat’s personality before you decide whether or not to get another one.  If they are generally not very accepting or have shown signs of aggression around other animals then you might consider not introducing another kitten into the mix, after all, it was their home first and they deserve to feel comfortable and safe. However,  if your cat is easy going then introducing a kitten might work for you.  With time they will likely learn to accept each other even though they didn’t grow up together with adult cats, multiple should be considered on a case-by-case basis, so make sure you talk to your local shelter or veterinarian first. 

  • They can keep each other company

Contrary to popular belief cats don’t like to be lonely.  The truth is that cats desire love and attention every day, with that said a cat shouldn’t be left alone for more than 8 to 10 hours at a time. However, sometimes life happens so you might get home later than you want to on some occasions but if you have two or more cats they’ll always have a buddy to keep them company. Even if you work from home, my guess is that your days still get busy, with two cats they can hang out with while you get work done. No matter what you’ll still need to set aside time to bond with your cats every day but whenever you have to go out at least you’ll have peace of mind knowing that they have each other to keep company.

  • They can be playmates

Specifically, they are very playful and when they get bored they’re prone to getting into things that they shouldn’t. This is why two kittens are great for each other. If they have a partner in crime they will have more constant physical and mental stimulation. They’ll keep each other entertained and likely out of trouble. Of course, it’s important to remember that they’ll always need interaction with you even if they are getting added interaction from another kitten so make sure that you always set aside time every day to play with your cats.

  • They can teach each other how to behave

If you adopt kittens they’ll grow up without the guidance of adult cats, which means they may be less likely to learn proper behaviour. Kittens that are singularly adopted might be more prone to nipping,  biting and gnawing on things that they shouldn’t. That’s where social interaction with another cat or kitten can also come in handy. By playing with each other they will quickly learn what is and isn’t acceptable. They will learn cues from each other, such as coordination. They will also pick up on other things like how to use the litter box and how to groom themselves by watching each other try to perform these tasks. 

  • It doesn’t cost much more than one cat

Remember you are already planning to adopt one cat which means you are already investing in toys, supplies, veterinary care and more. Shelters will often discount two cat adoption versus one. Sometimes you can even ask your vet for discounts for two cats or kittens who need the same care. Cats can share many of their supplies including litter boxes, food and water bowls, toys, grooming tools and more. Just note that you should always have two litter boxes for one cat plus one additional litter box for each additional cat.

  • You can save another life

Unfortunately, it’s a sad reality that kittens are much more likely to get adopted than adult cats. The longer a cat is in the shelter the harder it becomes for them to get adopted. When you adopt two cats instead of one you’re helping give an additional life a home to live in safely and comfortably. Not only that but it frees up more room in the shelter for other animals that are in need and the more cats that are adopted the more likely it is that adult cats will also be adopted once the shelter has found homes for the babies so basically it’s a win-win-win situation.

  • There will be double the cute factor

It obviously doesn’t hurt that cats are incredibly adorable and two cats mean even more cuteness. No matter what they do it will be adorable whether they’re playing, grooming each other or sleeping. It’s important to never adopt your animal based on the cuteness factor alone but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a bonus. 

  1. They can be grooming and nap buddies

Speaking of grooming and napping these are also perks of having two cats. They will likely do everything with each other. They will help keep each other clean by grooming each other which is just about one of the most adorable things in the world. Additionally, they’ll love to cuddle up together for an afternoon nap. While you might never want to say no to cat cuddles it’s not always convenient to let them snuggle up with you so if they have a sibling to lean on they’ll sleep safe and sound even when you’re busy.

  1. Should you adopt males, females or both? 

It’s definitely possible to adopt both a male and female cat if you don’t want to adopt two of the same sex. However, there are some key differences between male and female cats that are important to remember. In general female cats tend to be more affectionate. They are much more likely to seek out your physical affection such as petting and cuddling.  

Nesting is also a big characteristic of female cats due to their natural instinct to create a safe environment for their babies. You will often find that as a result of their nesting instincts, they are also pretty protective, once they are bonded to you they are going to be fairly attached to your presence because of their instinct to nest and create a safe and comfortable environment. They are also likely to be more irritated by sudden changes in their environment. A male cat is likely to be more independent and not be so attached to you.  They are also probably going to be more lively than your typical female cat. 

They love to play and they love to get rough, which means that two male cats together are able to be rough housing companions, especially when young. However, this can also mean that male cats can be a bit more mischievous.  If you plan to keep your cats completely indoors your males are likely to try to get outside, this is because they are very curious and want to explore outside of their comfort zone.  

They will need extra engagement and enrichment to ensure that their curious minds are being properly nurtured,  otherwise, you might find your male cat getting into things they shouldn’t. It’s totally normal for cats of the opposite sex to become the best of friends. That being said there should not typically be any other issues with adopting both a male and female cat. In fact, they could complement each other quite nicely. When it comes to having multiple cats, having one female and one male is actually said to be the easiest of the combinations because their personalities are less likely to clash. This would be followed by two males and then two females being the most difficult combination though not impossible. In general, temperaments and genetics are going to play far more of a factor in whether or not your cats will get along than what sex they are.  

Remember all the traits listed before are merely generalisations however these are great starting points if you are considering one sex over the other. Never forget that your cats are individuals and you will need to learn to meet their individual needs. As a side note, if you do not plan on breeding you must spay and neuter them before you bring them into the same home, otherwise, they can exhibit problematic behaviours and might not easily get along.

 As you can see there are so many reasons to consider getting two cats instead of one. They will become built-in best friends with each other and obviously, they are going to be adorable together. Getting two cats can also be a great way to alleviate some of the stress that only one cat might bring.  They will be able to get their energy out with each other and keep the other from getting too bored,  especially if you aren’t able to be home all the time. However, just remember that there are some considerations before adding multiple cats to the mix. You’ll want to give it a good thought before diving in but we’re fairly certain that you won’t ever regret adding two furry friends into your life.  

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