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Premium Cat Supplies and LCWW are a most Pawesome Collaboration

partner with LCWW

LCWW, Loving Cats Worldwide is a renowned national competition that invites all of the UK’s cat lovers to come and enjoy the physical and virtual beauty of the most exquisite categories of the most stunning cats in Britain. Premium Cat Supplies is super proud to be affiliated with LCWW and equally proud to provide our products and services to many of our prestigious cat breeders within this amazing cat community.

How can this affiliation benefit you, I hear you ask? 

Let’s explore this further. 

The LCWW is Britain’s most prestigious cat show.  A wonderful platform organised and created by world-renowned cat Judge Steven Meserve a true cat lover and gentleman. This platform invites you to allow your beautiful cats to shine whether they are a pedigree breed or not. Most people assume that the competitions are solely for exotic cat breeds and “designer” cats but this is a simple misconception as the competition certainly has a category for the most adorable household cats in Britain. 

Not many people knew this!

We all know in our hearts that our furbabies are number 1, but a day at the LCWW show will truly put you up there with the winners just by simply being there. And of course, there is a very likely chance that your cat will shine like the superstar that they are.

 With the help of LCWW, you can make your feline friend a rising superstar with a fan following from all around the globe.

LCWW show in Blackpoll



The process is extremely simple. A small deposit is required in order for you to secure a place in the show. You will then be asked to provide a video of your cat or send three pictures according to the style required. You will find the style and angles on the official website. These pictures will help the judges in determining your cat’s category in the shows. You don’t need a professional photographer for this. Follow the drill and get dazzling pictures or videos.  

The LCWW is just the place for you to take your cat out of the darkness to the light of fame and accolade.

Once the process is completed, you will be invited to attend the competitions where you will be able to show how marvellous your feline friend really is. There will be in attendance many visitors and cat lovers from all around the United Kingdom dropping by for the day eagerly looking to meet your cats.

 You need to buy your ticket to the event as the initial payment is for your cat only but that will then grant you full access to the cat show. You will see a mix of pedigree cats and wonderful household breeds that sometimes put the pedigree cats to shame.

LCWW also offers virtual cat shows to get the same effect in the virtual theme. 

Premium Cat Supplies

LCWW is not only a cat show but an organisation dedicated to the wellbeing and happiness of the entire feline community and therefore have invited vendors with the same ethos and values to attend the shows and promote their products for cat owners, lovers and breeders everywhere.

You will find Premium Cat Supplies products sectioned into different categories with a high-end customer-friendly approach. The Eco-friendly products offer great benefits to cats and pose no burden to our already fragile environment. Most of the time, cat lovers worry about low-grade and non-recyclable cat litter from other sources.

But one of the best things about Premium Tofu Cat Litter is that you have a flushable litter that is eco-friendly and will help you be a responsible cat parent with a proactive approach towards the environment too

 At Premium Cat Supplies we are constantly working with new suppliers and product developers to ensure we are able to make the changes necessary to continue to help the environment and support cat owners everywhere. The team’s focus at Premium Cat Supplies is to offer premium quality environmentally-friendly products for the better health of your cat.

The team spends time and takes pride in finding and developing the products that help keep your cat healthy and happy. These products have all been approved by the Premium Cat Supply cat family of 5 rescue cats.

All the products on this store are also available on Amazon, eBay and Google. You don’t have to spend hours scrolling, looking for vet reviews and confirming the authenticity of the suppliers and manufacturers. The team of Premium Cat Supplies does all the hard work for you providing you with all our products on a single platform with delivery all around Europe. 

This store has the vision to be Europe’s best feline product supplier, and we are hugely enjoying the journey towards achieving this goal. 

The money-back-guarantee and easy to process refund policies make the purchase a piece of cake. You will love the free delivery options with fast delivery of your items at your doorsteps.

We have also taken into account our customers concerns regarding their personal data being shared so we are happy to inform you that at the Premium Cat Supplies website, you can choose to have your data deleted from the server. All you need is to go to the legal section at the end of the website, click on data deletion, fill the form, and all of your data will be deleted. 

The LCWW offers you a platform to showcase your love for your cat to the world. You will be part of the competing cat’s community and have the experience to remember.

With many promotions and money back guaranteed deals offered on the day with Premium Cat Supplies, you can be assured of a great weekend.

Don’t forget to join the physical and virtual platforms to see what the cat world has to offer.

 In collaboration with the LCWW, the Premium Cat Supplies provides you with an authentic shopping experience that offers premium products with a money-back guarantee and good health for your feline friend.

premium tofu cat litter



 Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the next show. 


– NOVEMBER 27TH & 28TH 2021


– DECEMBER 4TH & 5TH 2021


– JANUARY 8TH & 9TH 2022



– FEBRUARY 26TH & 27TH 2022


More info on the LCWW website.

partner with LCWW

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