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Best Cat Litter Cambridge

Premium Tofu Cat Litter Cambridge - 100% Natural and Safe for  Your Cat.

Our Premium Tofu Cat Litter Cambridge produced has been formulated with you in mind, to make using cat litter a more easy and convenient experience, as well as being completely safe for your cat. Our organic cat litter Cambridge manufactured is 100% eco friendly and made from only natural, organic ingredients. It consists of bean curd and pea fibre and its soft texture is gentle on your cat’s paws. This clumping cat litter Cambridge made, is hypoallergenic and won’t irritate any allergies or respiratory problems. Its modern formula makes it super effective at absorbing urine and solid waste, whilst simultaneously neutralising any unpleasant odours, The cat litter forms small clumps which can be easily separated and scooped. The eco friendly cat litter Cambridge formula is biodegradable, so the used litter can be flushed down the toilet or even used in the garden as fertiliser.

100% Natural Cat Litter Cambridge Premium Tofu Cat Litter 15 L, 6.5 kg

Our Premium Tofu Cat Litter Cambridge produced is made from 100% natural tofu. It is environmentally friendly and designed to keep your cat healthy and to make disposing of your cats waste easy and convenient. The premium eco friendly cat litter Cambridge manufactured, has many benefits for you and your cat.

  • It is fully biodegradable and kind to the environment
  • It consists of bean curd and has a soft texture for your cats paws
  • It is 4x more absorbent that other clumping cat litter Cambridge brands
  • It has excellent odour removal properties, making it the best cat litter Cambridge brand for odour neutralisation.
  • It’s flushable and convenient and easy to dispose of.

Our concentrated pure tofu powder will last longer and you only need to use a small amount. Try it and see! Spend £25 and get free delivery.

3,5KG Bag Premium Tofu
Eco Friendly Cat Litter Cambridge

If you’re invested in taking care of the environment and you are a cat owner, our Premium Tofu Cat Litter Cambridge produced is the perfect product for you, it is formulated to be a 100% organic cat litter Cambridge formulated and makes maintaining your cats health easy and convenient. Our eco-friendly cat litter Cambridge produced, boasts many benefits. Our eco bag is:

  • Made of 100% bean dregs
  • Contains no artificial, harmful chemicals
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Has 5x more efficacy of eliminating odours in comparison to other clumping cat litter Cambridge brands
  • Effective at keeping your home smelling fresh

Our premium eco cat litter Cambridge will last for 2 to 3 weeks and has outstanding absorbency for both urine and solid waste.


Premium Tofu Cat Litter Cambridge
100 % NATURAL 30L, 45L, 60L & 90L

Our Premium Tofu Cat Litter Cambridge manufactured, has been formulated to protect your cat and at the same time protect the environment. Due to its 100% organic ingredients, the eco friendly cat litter is harmless if ingested and its soft consistency is kind to your pets paws.  Its organic nature leads to the organic cat litter Cambridge produced being biodegradable and therefore very simple to get rid of as it is flushable. Alternatively you can put it in your garden as a natural organic fertiliser. Our clumping cat litter Cambridge formulated is extra absorbent and extremely effective at eradicating the unpleasant odours from your cat’s litter tray. The modern formulation means the cat litter absorbs the waste matter and compacts into a soft ball that is easy to scoop up and dispose of. It has 4x more absorbency and 5x more odour neutralisation compared to other clumping cat litter Cambridge brands. An even more powerful option is trying our more economic pure concentrated natural tofu powder which needs a smaller amount and lasts for longer.

Why Is Tofu Cat Litter Cambridge Better?

Put simply, tofu cat litter is the best cat litter in Cambridge. Our tofu premium cat litter is in a class of its own, the finest eco cat litter Cambridge that is biodegradable, comes with full odour control. This fully eco friendly cat litter effectively absorbs urine and dries solid waste, making it the best organic cat litter in Cambridge.

As an eco-friendly, organic product our tofu cat litter from Cambrdige is made from vegetative ingredients, soya bean curd and cornstarch bound together with vegetable adhesives and deodorant. As well as being the best cat litter, it is 100% natural and chemical free,a fully flushable cat litter. Unlike clay litter, tofu cat litter has a low number of natural dust which, in larger amounts could lead to respiratory problems and allergies.

Our clumping cat litter cat litter is now available in Cambridge. It is a premium quality cat litter with non-tracking properties, delivering an easy clean up for pet owners. With this kind of tofu clumping cat litter you get non-stick properties and a special solidification formula which creates small, solid clumps that are easy to scoop and more comfortable on your cat’s paws, the best cat litter in Cambridge, a wonderful product.

Pluses of Tofu Cat Litter Cambridge


Health Hazard Alert

Many cat litters on the market contain fine dust particles that can irritate allergies and asthma sufferers. Tofu cat litter Cambridge formulated, contains a minimum of fine particles and so won't irritate any asthma or allergies problems. Our organic cat litter is made from 100% natural ingredients and has no harmful chemicals. Customers say it is the best cat litter cambridge for odour control, as it has been proven to have 5x better odour control in comparison to other clumping cat litter Cambridge brands.

Environmentally Friendly

Our tofu cat litter Cambridge produced, is an environmentally friendly cat litter, all of its ingredients are biodegradable. The main constituents are cornstarch and bean curd, which are combined with vegetable adhesives. The eco cat litter Cambridge formulated is easy to dispose of when finished. Its biodegradable nature means it can be safely flushed down the toilet or can even be used outside in your garden as fertiliser.

Mess Free

Some clumping cat litter Cambridge brands, gets stuck to the bottom of your cat's paws and is walked all over your home. Our clumping cat litter Cambridge produced, has been formulated so that the plant derived ingredients clump together. They do this after absorbing cat urine and solid waste to form small non-sticky clumps that are soft for your cat's feet and don't stick to your cat's sensitive paws. They make it easier to scoop and dispose of the waste.

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