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Best Cat Litter Guide 2021: With All, You Need To Know

Best Cat Litter Guide 2021: With All, You Need To Know

The best cat litter might not be an exciting topic for most people. But still, litter is an essential thing for you to have in your house. If you have a cat or more than one in your house, you cannot skip this product. Your feline friend likes to stay clean and always keep them spotless by licking themselves. If you do not provide them with a clean and hygienic area, there will be unwarranted consequences. Your cat will not feel comfortable and, in most cases, would get ill or suffer from some behavioural issues.

Looking for the best cat litter will take you on a roller coaster ride with hundreds of different options. You will find various products made from different materials in several categories. Before getting to know the best litter for cats, let’s explore more about it. You will learn here what cat litter is and how to handle the litter. After reading this piece of writing, you will know more and get the maximum out of the product. Your relationship with your feline friend will strengthen by providing them with what they need and deserve.

For the First Time Cat Parents: Why Use Cat Litter?

If you haven’t had a cat before as your family member, there is a lot you need to learn. Cats are hygienic and sophisticated creatures who love to clean themselves by licking their body. In the wild, these creatures bury their faeces to prevent their smell from bigger cats. The domesticated feline beauties bury their faeces because of this innate behaviour. Moreover, the burying keeps the surroundings neat and clean for them.
When cats start living in your home, they mark the building as their territory. And having a place to hide and bury the litter is the most needed thing for them. You don’t need to teach a cat how to use the litter and bury it. All you need is to provide them with the place with the best cat litter you can find. Only the first try will be tricky, but it will be as natural as it gets after that.

How Many Litter Trays do You Need?

You don’t need more than one cat litter tray for a single cat. If you have more than one feline member in your family, a separate litter tray for each member is necessary. When they have different places to do their business, things become easy for the parents since they don’t have to worry about cleaning the same cat litter tray.

Where to Place Your Best Litter?

When nature calls, you need privacy and a particular place. The same goes with these sophisticated felines. You need to place the best cat litter in a hidden place from plain sight and is covered from one or two sides. A corner in a quiet room would do great for this purpose. Never place the litter around their sleeping or eating area. Keep the water and food bowls away from the litter tray for obvious hygienic reasons.

How Much could Litter qualify the Tray As Best Litter?

Most of the time, when you buy the product, it will come with instructions about how much litter you need. But the rule of thumb for this dirty business is to provide your cat with the layer two to three inches. The minimum density should remain up to 2 inches or 5 to 7 centimetres because the higher litter layer would quickly engulf the faeces. And your cat will not have to face any issue in digging and burying.

When to Change Cat Litter?

It is good to clean the solid waste daily. The daily cleaning will keep the area stench and germs free. You don’t need to clean the litter daily, as removing the solid waste and clumps will suffice. And for the litter, you must clean it every five days or a week. If you have kittens cleaning the litter fortnightly will do the trick.

What is the best cat litter you can find?

Buying the best litter for your cat requires some considerations which you cannot overlook in the product. It should be safe for the feline creatures with the absence of any harmful chemicals. The material should be bio-degradable and environmentally friendly to reduce the carbon footprint. A flushable litter material will make life a whole lot easier for you if you can’t go outside to dispose of it off. Let’s explore some of the most friendly and useful products that your cats will love to use.


Premium Tofu Cat Litter
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You get the best litter quality product in substantial quantity for longer use. It comes with more than 400% absorbance for the pee and faeces. It is made from bio-degradable material and is safe for hypo-allergenic cats. There are no harmful chemicals used in it. Moreover, you get flushable litter that will make your life easy. And it will help you strengthen the relationship with your feline friend by offering a safe and hygienic litter area.


Premium Tofu Cat Litter

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When you want a monthly pack that will provide you litter made with natural ingredients, this might be the best pick. You get environmentally friendly packaging with natural ingredients. The best thing about this product is that it offers five times more odour control. The hypo-allergenic product provides you with a litter that will last for four weeks without odour.

Over to You

The best cat litter is the most valuable product that you can have in your home. The best litter is the one that provides more than five to a seven-centimetre thick layer. It will provide enough space for solid waste to be buried by your furry friend. Removing the solid waste daily will keep the tray clean. Fortnightly or weekly cleaning of litter will keep your sophisticated friend help stay clean, fit and happy

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