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Anti-anxiety Cat Beds: Things You Must Know

Anti-anxiety Cat Beds: Things You Must  Know

You will learn about anti-anxiety cat beds and all the relevant information about the importance, selection and therapeutic use of this product.

Anti-anxiety Cat Beds: Things You Must Know:

You may call it a natural or inborn feature, but indeed, a cat sleeps twice as much as a human. Any individual, either a person or an animal, requires a comfortable place for sleeping. Similarly, your feline friend needs a calm and peaceful napping place; otherwise, it would result in unwarranted consequences. While you may think it is impossible, cats do suffer from anxiety. Usually, signs and symptoms are justifying the mental state of your furry friend. A cat craves a calm, cosy cat bed that can allow him to enjoy good rest.

             Calming beds are not new to the pet market and people don’t see them as an important feature. Anti-anxiety cat beds are efficiently designed for reducing stress and anxiety in your kitties and are necessary for cats and kittens going through anxiety.  After going through our article regarding anti anxiety cat beds, you will know how to use and select the best product for your beloved feline buddy and strengthen your bond with them.

Indication of cat anxiety 

         Signs you need to look at in your cat if you think your cat has an anxiety issue.

  1.    Showing aggressive behaviour (hissing or spitting) and continuously hiding.
  2.    Cats grooming themselves all day, resulting in loss of hairs from different body parts.
  3.    Not letting you out of their sight. It looks adorable at first, but your furball is trying to make you       aware of its anxiety issues.
  4.    Loud and distressful meowing
  5.     Shaking/trembling . This is typical of a nervous or frightened animal and where the cat bed                creates a beneficial impact.
  6.    The kitty spends less time sleeping and more time pacing. It indicates that it is nervous and                stressed.
  7.     flattened ears, pulled back whiskers, swishing tail


Using an anti-anxiety bed and how do they work?

      As discussed earlier, anti-anxiety beds are specifically designed to reduce stress and provide comfort. It also generates a sense of security in your kitty. The structure of these beds defines the extent of comfort that will be provided to your cat. Some calming beds are designed to relieve joint pain; others provide heating capabilities.

Most of the beds have a raised edge which creates a cosy environment inside the bed. The raised rim makes your furry friend secure while stimulating the nervous system, which helps them relax and calm down immediately. These feline beds are the safest and ideal place for a short nap or a long sleep. Orthopaedic beds have special padding in them that helps in healing sore joints. Bed with faux fur is durable and best for the cats that love to knead.

Types of anti-anxiety beds:

             Depending on the structure and benefits they offer, cat beds are of the following types:

Donut-style cat bed:

         It is one of the ideal beds for cats as it provides them with a comfortable experience enveloping them when curled. It allows them to recall memories of when they used to snuggle with their littermates. Furthermore, this design has a raised circle that provides a headrest at every angle.

Bolster cat bed:

         This bed is usually raised on three sides and is suitable mainly for large cats. It allows them to rest their head by leaning on the softer side. It makes them feel protected and safe.

Cave-style bed:

         As we feel joyful while being in a blanket, in the same way, this cat bed offers a cat to burrow into a pocket-like structure. Thus, making them release their stress as they become extra comfortable than the outside environment. They are used for smaller cats but can be used for a large fur ball experiencing anxiety.

Where to place the anti-anxiety cat bed?

         It is imperative to place the cat bed in a place that your kitty likes the most. Pay attention to the napping site of your cat. The cat bed should be placed where your cat naps more often. If there is any furniture close to your kitties’ heart, that is a suitable place for a cat bed. Cats usually like to sleep in a quiet place if there is enough noise in the house, so bedrooms are appropriate for placing a cat bed during the daytime. A place with elevation is also a better option as cats generally want to view the whole area.

What to look for in the best cosy cat bed?

         Considering certain elements while buying a cat bed is necessary for pet parents. You must choose a calming bed with an odour-resistant fabric providing a comfortable experience to feline creatures. It should have durable nylon and soft fur suitable for every breed. The fabric should be machine washable so that in case of a flea infestation, you can remove them by washing. You must figure out the size and style of bed suitable for your cat. A non-slippery bed bottom with a firm grip will make life a whole lot easier for your cat. Let’s find out some of the best calming cat beds you would ever have.


  Anti-Anxiety Calming Cat Donut Bed

Cats Beds

                                                                       Click to view here

             It is one of the best cat beds you can find. It is made up of highly durable nylon with water-resistant fabric. It has raised edges that will allow your feline to sink inside and rest its head in all directions, reducing stress. It is machine washable making its maintenance and usage more accessible and longer. All in all, it’s a perfect cat bed to keep your cat calm while in stress and anxiety. If you are willing to have a go at this product, order from Premium Cat Supplies.

Final Verdict:

         The calming cat bed is a necessity for your beloved pet. It eases their stress and makes them feel more protected. The best cat bed is the one with fine fabric, raised edges and is machine washable. These features make it more durable, and your furry friend will enjoy a lifelong cosy experience. Every pet owner wants to have a strong relationship with their pet; buying a cat bed for your kitty will surely help you gain all sorts of brownie points in this regard.

Anti Anxiety Cat Beds – Calming Cat Bed For Cats And Kittens

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