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Cat Language

Cat Language

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Cat Communication

Our cats have unique ways of communicating with each other and we can only guess what their conversations are about, but imagine if you did know exactly what they were saying. 

Imagine you knew all their little secrets simply by understanding their language.

Well, even though “meow” could mean any number of things, we are sure that with a little measure of consideration we would be easily able to understand what our cats were trying to tell us.

The Purring Cat

When cats are happily being petted by their owners they will purr letting you know they are feeling loved, happy and certain content. Cats use their vocal cords to vibrate at a frequency of 25 to 150 vibrations per second creating the low, soothing sound that resonates on an average of 25 decibels.

This purring is partially voluntary and other times it is natural instinct. Cats will emanate this vibration when they are injured or after trauma as a form of self-soothing too.

The Vocal Cat

When cats are trying to communicate with humans they tend to be vocal. If a cat is meowing,

It is likely they will be addressing you and not another cat. 

They are usually asking for something and the only way to get your attention is vocally.

Many cat owners are adamant that they fully understand their cats’ requests and we too feel that with a little bit of attention to your cats’ communication there is no reason why you wouldn’t understand their requests for attention, for food or to have a door opened for them.

Cats don’t generally “speak” to each other but rather rely on eye contact, body language, scent marking, growls and hisses. 

Body Language

Watching your cat’s quirky behaviour can be an adorable pastime but do you know what they are actually communicating to you with their actions? 

Let’s look at some common cat behaviours and identify their meaning.

Tail in the air is always a good sign. When your cat approaches you with their tail high up and probably with the upside-down umbrella handle shape at the tip, then they are greeting you and saying “hello”. This is always a good time to stroke your cat who will probably be very reciprocating and initiate some contact.

Swishing tail can have a couple of different meanings. If the tail is level with their body and swishing from one side to the other, it could mean your cat is indecisive and is thinking things through. Allow them that time to think before they leap.

If the tail is low and swishing quite fast or “tapping” then this tends to indicate your cat is feeling irritated or annoyed. The ears may also be pulled back and whiskers pulled forward.

This would be a stressed or anxious cat. 

You may want to consider giving them their space or introducing them to the calming anti-anxiety doughnut cat bed. This allows your cat to retreat to a comfortable area where they can comfortably feel secure in the folds that encircle your cat giving them the time they need to relax.

Cat Rubbing

When a cat rubs themselves on you, they are putting their scent on you and claiming you as their property. They do this in a loving and happy way and when your cat runs to you and encircles your legs, then they are reasserting their claim on you by scent marking and will do this to the furniture in their home too.

Exposed Belly

You will know when your cat is showing that they trust you as they will tend to roll over and expose their belly to you. This does not mean however that they are inviting you to tickle their belly. Generally, they are not, as cats can be quite sensitive there and may swipe you a claw. The exposed belly is a sign of trust not to be betrayed so we recommend petting their head at this time only and enjoying their stylish belly poses.

Long Blinks

Did you know that long, slow blinks are a cat’s way of saying they are comfortable around you and do not feel threatened?

It is true and works like magic if you have a cat staring at you nervously. Simply speak to them soothingly and give them long slow blinks. 

This is showing them that you are not a threat and are trying to make peace with them. If they accept what you are trying to communicate, they will return the long blinks and feel at ease around you allowing you to earn their trust.

After reading this we hope you have a better understanding of your cat’s unique way of communicating with you and this will allow you to bond with them even closer.


Remember, it’s all about how much attention you pay to what your cat is trying to tell you that will allow you to truly understand your cat.

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