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Why is My Cat Losing Weight?

Why is My Cat Losing Weight?

Weight loss in cats is one of those things that can be hard to figure out. Sometimes cats lose weight because they don’t eat that much. However, there can also be some health issues which end up making your cat lose weight naturally. This is exactly why you want to narrow down the main reason why your cat is losing weight right now.

Depression and stress

This is a weight loss factor for humans too, and it’s valid in the case of cats too. If your cat is under psychological stress due to having another pet disappear, excessive noise or other factors, it will start losing weight. We might not even realize what deters our cat until it’s too late, which is why it makes sense to study our pet’s behaviour. This will help us figure out what leads to this issue and how we can solve it as quickly as possible. Check our blog about the TOP 10 CAUSES OF CAT ANXIETY.

Stomach problems

When your cat has gastrointestinal problems, it will start losing weight. This can be from vomiting, diarrhoea or a lack of appetite. Food allergies, IBD can also be one of the factors. If you see your cat doesn’t eat as much, then something causes that and it’s a good idea to address it as fast as possible for the best results.

Dental issues

Improper dental health will also lead to weight loss too. It’s harder to point out because cats can’t show they have dental issues. However, if you see pawing and drooling at the mouth, that’s definitely a sign you have to take your cat to the vet. 


What many cat owners don’t know is that thyroid problem are encountered by pets too. This leads to weight loss, and it also causes increased urination and drinking. It can also lead to muscle wasting, diarrhoea and vomiting. It can also generate heart problems and that on its own can be extremely problematic.


Organ failure

Organ failure also leads to weight loss, and this is mostly happening in the case of older cats. Still, it’s a major issue and you do need to find the right way to address it. As soon as you start doing that, your cat will feel better. Remember, when your cat gets older, it gets prone to this type of stuff, so frequent vet visits become mandatory.


Maybe your cat is healthy and doesn’t really have any health issues. However, other things like parasites can actively be an issue here. Parasites end up affecting your cat’s health, they bring in vomiting, bloating, maybe even diarrhoea and breathing difficulties. It’s harder to know if your cat has parasites, but if you see these characteristics you have to go to the vet.


Diabetes can also be a cause of sudden weight loss. Cats that have diabetes usually drink lots of water, urinate very often, and they also have urinary tract infections, maybe even scented breath. They also tend to act sluggish. 


There are many different reasons why cats are losing weight. That can be very difficult to narrow down at first, but the ones listed above tend to be the most common reasons. Of course, there can be other reasons like feline infectious peritonitis or even cancer. Whenever you see your cat losing weight all of a sudden, the first thing you want to do is to go to the vet. That will help you identify what causes this, and you will find it easier to narrow down the source. Plus, it will just make the process simpler and easier. Just make sure you track your cat and its behaviour, as you can identify some of the symptoms early on.


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