Cat Scratching Post - Cat Furniture With Toy And Bedding - Easy Assemble - PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUR CAT

PREMIUM CAT SCRATCH POST permits you to have peace of mind knowing your cat is happy as it has multiple purposes, such as entertaining your cat, and then allowing your cat to go straight to sleep after it's done playing, with its bedding at the top of the sc.
EXTREMELY EASY TO USE! EASY INSTALLATION & DISASSEMBLY provides you with the ability to assemble and disassemble just by using hands, and the detachable structure is easy to store without occupying extra space in your home and making it easy to transport it to different places. 
REVOLUTIONARY! PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUR CAT: allows you to show your love. Cats are curious animals and love to have an overview of everything - so a cat toy, bedding & cat tree in one is a perfect item for your furry friend.
BREAKTHROUGH! Multiple uses mean you can save space AND MONEY while keeping your cat entertained and away from the furniture.
CRITICAL! Secure for your cat's safety.
A cat scratching post with additional dangling toy and bedding is an amazing new product that helps every cat owner who cares about the wellness and happiness of their cat/s  to relax, knowing everything is under control.
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