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Most of us have only dreamed of owning our very own, perfectly formed, little bundle of cuteness with eyes that look up at us with pure love and adoration.

We have dreamed of our very own majestic spotted Bengal with emerald eyes that glint in the sun. We have imagined the joyful experience of brushing the hair of the gorgeous Persian cat, long bold strokes coupled with contented purring. Maybe you prefer the pale pink beauty and soft warmth of the Sphinx cat, super intelligent and hairless?

We at Premium Cat Supplies are proud to be affiliated with some of the countries most reputable and prestigious Breeders of exotic cats and are delighted to be able to guide you towards owning some of the most beautiful and unique kittens in the United Kingdom. 

Amongst our Breeders are Grand Champions, Imperial Grand Champions and almost all our Breeders kittens are winners in the making. We would strongly recommend arranging a meeting to discuss your kittens needs and requirements as well as being able to see that your kittens have come from good, loving homes and raised by true professionals.

Brifold – Scottish Fold & British Shorthair Cats – Glasgow, Scotland

RunaSoul Cattery – Sphynx Breeders –  Darlington, England

Fenikscoon Cattery – Maine Coon, Telford, England


Runasoul Cattery

Based in North East England Runasoul are Breeders of Sphynx cats, interacting with the highest levels of Canadian Sphynx breeders across Europe and America.
TICA and GCCF registered breeders with the most adorable, highly intelligent and beautifully socialised kittens you would ever see.
Amanda and Stuart Brass are the owners who run the cattery with their daughter Catherine.
 They have shared with us that the Spynxs personality shows a very loving breed that thoroughly enjoys human interaction and seeks out company from other animals and mankind. They are known to act more like a dog than a cat by running to the door to greet you as you come in and ours even sometimes like to play fetch.
This breed is not particularly solitary if you work long hours leaving the cat on its own then this breed is not recommended for you. Sphynx cats will seek out blankets and beds are spread around the home for them. The best way to describe the texture of their skin is like a warm peach or short cut velvet.
The Sphynx appears to be a hairless cat although it is not truly hairless. The skin should have the texture of chamois and the face should be wrinkled. Whiskers sparse and short with a whippy, rat-like tail. 
Amongst their cats are the Supreme Grand Champion 2021, Double Grand Champion 2020 and Quadruple Grand Champion 2020. A truly beautiful and unforgettable breed.
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Brifold - Scottish Fold & British Shorthair Cats


Runasoul Cattery

RunaSoul Cattery - Sphynx Breeders -  Darlington, England

Fenikscoon Cattery

Maine Coon

Devine Spirit Bengals

Devin Spirit Bengals 





The Scottish Fold is best known for her distinctive folded ears which are the result of a spontaneous natural mutation. 
The ears fold forwards and downward, and the resulting impression of a wide-eyed owl or cuddly teddy bear has captured the hearts of many cat lovers. In addition to their ears and unique look, folds are mellow and affectionate, perfect for folks who want a loving companion that is not too active.
We cannot express enough how cute we find these cats to be and recommend them as the perfect companion who will follow you from room to room and bond with one chosen person in your family. Despite their devotion, they are not clingy or demanding cats and prefer to be near you rather than on your lap. 
Our Breeder Rafal runs this cattery in Scotland and is proud of his award-winning cats and kittens.
Armed with a mountain of history and information on this delightful breed, we know any information given to us by Rafal has been meticulously researched and you will leave with the feeling of being truly wiser to your furry friend’s needs.


We are committed show breeders and members of the GCCF, GCCFI and TICA governing bodies.

Our cats and kittens have been Overall Best In Show winners several times. To achieve this amazing success our foundation lines were imported from only the most impressive award winning catteries in Russia, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, England and Poland. All our cats are all health tested .e.g.

British – PKD, ALPS, blood type

Ragdolls – HCM, MPS, PKD, rdAc, SMA, blood type

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