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Gaining Your Cats Trust
Cat Care

Gaining Your Cats Trust

When welcoming a new cat into your life it may become confusing to you or upsetting to see your furry friend has run under the bed refusing to come out. She may have hissed at you and has remained under the bed for several hours causing you to think she doesn’t like or trust you.

This is quite normal for any new pet entering the home and with a little bit of patience and understanding, there are a few ways you can make it easier for you to gain your cat’s trust.

Soothing voice

Cats have incredible hearing so when a new cat has arrived in your home, you may want to avoid loud noise stressors for a while like a vacuum cleaner, hairdryer or other sudden startling sounds. You would want to keep your home as calm an environment as possible for the first few weeks. Speaking to your cat in a soothing voice will have tremendous benefits to you and your cat as they will identify your soothing voice to comfort and associate it with the love and attention you show them and allow them to feel happy and calm and to gradually start to trust you.

Give them space.

Cats naturally like hiding places. Safe, quiet spots where they can get away from the noise and feel safe.

When you bring a new cat into the home it is very likely this is what your cat will seek out first.

 Somewhere they can hide away and observe what’s going on around them in relative safety until they become more accustomed to their surroundings. A shy or nervous cat would certainly have a greater need for privacy. Leave them for as long as is necessary for them to feel comfortable and NEVER shout, yell or try and force your cat to come out before they are ready. This will only instil fear of you in them and they will not find it easy to trust someone who frightens them.

Try introducing them to the anti/anxiety calming doughnut bed made especially for anxious and nervous cats. It is a vet-approved design that allows your cat to feel safe and secure in its doughnut shape design and is especially soft and comforting.

Let them come to you

Take your cat’s lead when it comes to approaching them. When they are ready or curious enough, they will venture out from their hiding place and approach you for reassurance, especially if you have been speaking to them soothingly. Be practical in your approach, not making sudden movements that will frighten them. Start stroking them from their cheeks, neck and head area avoiding approaching from behind and stroking the back legs or tummy area. Long blinks are a sign of friendship so give your cats lots of long blinks. Be aware of possible petting aggression and stop as soon as your cat shows signs of overstimulation. (swishing tail, ears pulled back).

Use your scent

Leaving items of your clothing around that hold your scent, helps your cat familiarise themselves more with their owner and they will associate your smell with home and safety. Leaving an item of clothing in their bed or leaving a sock in their toy box will allow them to associate comfort and good things to your scent and let you benefit from a happy, trustful cat.

Lastly, we would like to point out that treat giving is always a winner along with lots of attention, playtime and rewards. Having a cat is one of many wonderful experiences in life and we would want all cats and owners alike to enjoy the love and joy that a good trusting relationship with cats can be when you take a little time out to consider their feelings.

Keep loving cats!!

Gaining your cats trust

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