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How To Become Your Cats Favourite Person

How To Become Your Cats Favourite Person

How To Become Your Cats Favourite Person

Have you ever noticed that cats seem to have a favourite person that they simply adore?

In large family households, this can be seen quite easily if there is a cat included as part of the family.

 Your cat seems to gravitate towards one particular person, will follow them around, rub themselves against them and will probably sit on their lap without invitation. This person might not even be the cat’s owner but just someone in the house who doesn’t even feed them, so why would your cat choose to display affection to this person more and not others?

Well, firstly we must understand that cats are notorious for playing favourites and some even seem indifferent to owners who feed and play with them yet seem to adore strangers.

The secret is that there are several behaviours and characteristics that make certain people appealing to cats and anyone who can meet those criteria is more likely to receive a cat’s highest honour of being their favourite.

Here are some of the ways you can win over your furry companion and become their favourite person.

Use Your Voice

Cats are naturally nervous and very cautious creatures who will be afraid of noisy humans and see them as a threat until proven otherwise. 

There are particular behaviours and characteristics that make humans less appealing to cats that must be taken into account in your quest for feline friendship.

Cats do not like loud noises or sudden movements. This will distress and frighten them and is probably why cats may avoid young, unpredictable children and instead prefer the company of older people. If your cat sees you as a source of safety rather than a disruption you will likely gain your cat’s trust and affection.

Always use a soothing voice with your cat as cats can not only recognise your voice but the vibration from your tone of voice too. They are able to differentiate between your voice and the voice of others in the home. Use calm and low tones and your cat will enjoy your vocalisation as they are naturally drawn to calmer tones instead of harsher, more stern tones.

This is another reason you should never shout at your cat as it will only cause stress and anxiety and as cats have long-term memory, they may hold it against you preventing you from making the bond you seek with your furry friend. 

Using your voice alone can win you the honour of being your cat’s favourite person. The one who always speaks to them lovingly.


 Cats have their own way of communication. Raised tails, purring, warning hisses, growls and more that can leave any cat owner wondering what their cat is thinking and what on earth is going on. However, studies have shown that anyone who can understand and respond to a cat’s cues, whether purrs, meows or rubbing against you, is more likely to receive a cat’s affection.

This means understanding when your cat wants attention or wants to be left alone. It means comforting them when they are anxious, feeding them when they are hungry and picking up on other cues like playtime or if your cat is showing signs of distress or agitation.

Your cat wants to be understood and has their communication responded to and cats have a very special appreciation for people who can understand their needs.

If you can differentiate between your cats’ “good morning” meow and their “I’m hungry” meow you could possibly be their favourite person.

Quality Time

As well as communicating with your cat in soft tones and understanding their behaviour, another way to become your cat’s favourite is to spend quality time with them. 

This does not mean you will become the favourite by spending the most time with them but rather the quality of time with them and your cat will be aware of this.

 Remember, it is quality, not quantity!

This means spending time developing a bond with your cat, having one on one time where you are more than just 2 beings sharing a space. It could be a time when you gently brush your cat or invite them to sit on your lap and just stroke them. You may also just talk gently with them involving them in your day. 

Studies have shown that when cats were presented with food, toys and catnip, they preferred human interaction the most so it is important to take 10 minutes out every day to spend quality time with your kitty and you will be elevated to the position of favourite in no time.


There are few things as important as food in any animal’s life due to survival instincts and cats are no different. In fact, cats are keenly aware of where their food comes from and who feeds them so it is no surprise that cats show affection to those who provide food.

They are also aware of when they are fed too as cats are creatures of habit and love routine.

They prefer to be fed the same type of food at the same time every day so they will acknowledge the person who feeds them is important to them.

This can be foiled by your cat visiting neighbours who may feed your cat, however. If your cat is receiving attention and food from an outside source regularly they may decide to return regularly depriving you of the opportunity to be declared your favourite person.

Scent and Appearance

Sometimes, for what seems like no reason a cat will show fear or aggression towards a particular person. This can be due to past negative experiences which your cat will remember. You see cats have long-term memory and can remember things, places and people and it could be your cat has associated this person with a bad experience in the past or they remind the cat of someone who had frightened them. 

Similarly, with scent, your cat may associate perfume, cologne or even cigarette smoke with a past negative experience and not approach that person. Again it is the same with tones of voice as explained earlier. If a particular person who is perhaps quite loud comes to visit you, your cat may recognise them as “the noisy person” and avoid them and possibly leave the room.

A known rescue cat named BooBoo hated anyone wearing boots and would swipe at them if they walked by him. It was later discovered that he had been kicked by his previous owner.

The reverse is also true however and a cat can be reminded of a previous owner or person who had been kind to them and showed them affection. By understanding your cat’s responsiveness to you, you will know if you are their favourite person.

How To Become Your Cats Favourite Person


Handling your cat is the key to bonding with them. You simply must know when to handle them and when not to. 

People are notorious for unwanted handling of their pet and don’t understand when their cat, fed up with being grabbed every time they walk by, starts to avoid them and even then starts being affectionate to your flatmate who usually ignores them.

Unlike dogs, it is a lack of human handling that cats prefer from humans and prefer affection on their own terms. Cats much prefer to be in control of their environment which means that being cornered or scooped up without request can agitate them.

Studies have shown that when humans are engaged in relaxing activities like reading a book or working on their computers, cats are more likely to approach them and less likely to move away when humans respond.

The best way to become closer to your cat is not to insist they interact with you but to make them want to approach you by encouraging them. Do not pick up, corner or hug them against their will but instead allow your cat to make the first move.

When your cat chooses you as their favourite they will begin to foster a much closer bond with you. They may follow you, sleep on top of you and hang out near you. Once you have seen that you are getting this special attention more than others then you can be assured you are your cat’s favourite person. Congratulations.

How To Become Your Cats Favourite Person

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