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How to see if your cat is sick?

How to see if your cat is sick?

We all want to have a healthy cat, but the reality is that from time to time any pet can get sick. Sometimes it will be just a small issue, other times it can be very serious. Which is why it’s crucial to understand the overall signs and what you should be looking for when your cat is sick. Here are some of the symptoms to focus on.

What are the symptoms of a sick cat?

Most animals and cats/dogs in particular are known for doing a good job at hiding their discomfort and illness. Which is why you always want to ensure you study how your cat is feeling. Normally, the symptoms listed below show that your cat is dealing either with a disease or some sort of discomfort.

    • Dilated/constricted pupils
    • Your cat is hiding and can’t be found
    • Skin irritations
    • Hair loss
    • Nose/eye discharges
    • Bad breath problems
    • Swelling or injuries
    • Limping
    • Cat litter thrown all over the place
    • Over or under grooming
    • Shortness of breath
  • Major weight gain or weight loss
  • Quick changes in the eating habits or appetite
  • Diarrhea or vomiting
  • Frequent mood changes
  • Less vocal than usual
  • Your cat doesn’t want to play at all

What causes illness in cats?

It depends on a multitude of factors. However, cats can have various health problems, from urinary tract infections to diabetes, intestinal cancer, upper respiratory infections, respiratory issues, periodontal disease, arthritis or injuries. It’s important to go to the vet as soon as you encounter one or more of the issues presented above. The last thing you want is for your pet to get sick, so avail the opportunity and make the most out of it right away. It will be well worth the effort every time.

How can you prevent illness in cats?

You always need to ensure that you take your cat to the vet for its regular checkups. These are important because you might identify a potential health issue before it becomes very problematic to deal with. On top of that, you also want to have a very strict diet for your pet, just to ensure that there are no problems. There are also mobile vets that come directly to your home, in case you don’t have time.

Your pet should have a great diet, filled with protein, but also low on carbs. In addition, it’s crucial to offer fresh water to your pet at all times, and you also need to clean everything appropriately to avoid any kind of bacteria or viruses roaming around.


All these signs will show you when your cat is sick, and when that happens, you must ensure that you visit the vet right away. We also recommend you to use the best cat supplies on the market and even invest in Premium Tofu Cat Litter to maintain your pet’s cleanliness. It will help a lot if you nurture your pet and take good care of it, and with adequate vet visits, you won’t have a problem keeping your cat healthy and happy!

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