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How to Tell If Your Cat Is Lonely

How to Tell If Your Cat Is Lonely

How to Tell If Your Cat Is Lonely

It is a common misconception that cats are solitary animals and are perfectly well suited to being alone. This is not true. Cats are actually very sociable animals who love the company of people and can live quite happily as humans do, in families and colonies of their own.

The misconception of cats being loners and highly independent has, unfortunately, had a negative effect on the majority of cats who live alone with their human and who ultimately feel lonely when you are away.

But how can you tell if your cat is lonely?

Well, there are signs to look out for that once understood will help you understand your feline friend better and allow you to take any necessary steps to ensure your kitty is living their happiest life with you and certainly not feeling lonely.

Here are some of the key things to look out for.

Extreme Attachment

When your cat misses you or is feeling lonely they can become very attached to their owners and will do anything to get your attention when you are around. They will follow you around the home, rub themselves on you and won’t let you out of their sight.

They will call you with loud meows even when you are in your bed and sit on you whenever possible. 

While we may find this behaviour adorable and proof of how much your cat loves you, bear in mind that these types of attachment issues can cause your cat distress in the long run and cause worry and anxiety for you.


Leaving your cat alone for long hours at a time with no stimulation or company can cause your cat to not only get bored but over time they may develop signs of depression.

Cats tend to sleep a lot so that when they are awake they are fully recharged and ready for play and activity. If your cat is sleeping more than usual, becomes very quiet, hardly plays or seems listless, it may be that he has developed depression through being bored and lonely.

Cats who are depressed may be inclined to neglect to groom themselves and will eat less too. There is every possibility of them having problems toileting and there may be accidents around the home where your cat has not used their litter tray appropriately.

It is important you do not punish your cat or scold them for this behaviour as they are simply trying to communicate their pain or misery to you.

Please take time out to play with your furry friend at this point and do spend quality time with them. Ensuring your cat’s happiness is your responsibility and just like humans, cats need love, stimulation and attention too.

This can also save you on costly vet bills to treat depression.


Some cats will get angry for being left alone with no stimulation and if you have an especially “sassy” cat then they may show their disapproval by being aggressive towards you, and your guests and possibly also become destructive around the home scratching furniture.

If your cat has suddenly become aggressive towards you, however, it may be a good idea to take them to a vet as they could be acting out in pain caused by some other factor you are unaware of.

Sudden changes to the environment like a house move or new furniture ( your cat’s favourite couch gone) can also trigger aggression so it is important to be aware of anything that could cause your cat to become upset.


Have you ever seen your cat run around your home at top speed, seem rushed in everything they do and never seem to find peace? Do they come across as agitated when you play with them?

 This could mean your cat is bored and lonely and isn’t being stimulated enough.

While cats are energetic to varying degrees depending on their age, hypothyroidism or rolling skin syndrome can be factors in your cat becoming hyperactive.


If your cat is refusing to use their litter tray it is possible they are feeling anxious due to being lonely and bored so it is important to act quickly.

First, check that the toilet meets the cat’s needs.

The litter should always be clean and comfortable on your cat’s paws. Premium Tofu Cat Litter is a 100% all-natural product that is especially designed to be kind to your cats and kittens’ paws. It has superior odour control and lasts 4 x longer than store-bought brands and is the preferred litter for many of the UK’s top breeders.

When a cat develops toileting problems it is usually associated with stress or illness so if your cat suddenly stops using their litter tray you may find they are trying to tell you they are unhappy about a situation which you must remedy.

A trip to the vet is always advised with toilet problems as there are many reasons to consider and a thorough check-up by your vet is always advisable.

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