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How to train a cat to use the litter tray?

How to train a cat to use the litter tray?

Purchasing the best cat litter is very important, but it’s also crucial to ensure that your cat knows how to use the litter tray. That’s especially true if you invest in premium tofu cat litter. With that in mind, teaching your kitty how to use the litter tray is not that complicated. It all comes down to sticking to a few important rules, and then just go from there.

Understand your cat’s schedule

Ideally, you want to learn your kitty’s schedule before you focus on training it. Most of the time, cats want to relieve themselves after they ate, ran around, played or took a nap. Doing this will help you understand when it’s the ideal time to litter train your pet.

Play with your cat near the litter box

Once you buy some premium cat supplies like a litter box, it’s a great idea to play with your cat near it. You want to accommodate your cat with the litter box, since that will help you quite a bit. You can also bring a few toys and stay near your pet until it needs to excrete.

Teach your pet what to do

Carry your cat to the litter box and then you want to show your cat how to dig in the litter. This is important because it will instill the idea and of scooping litter and then burry it properly, the way it should normally happen. You can expect this process to take a little while, since your cat is not that accustomed to it in the first place. At first, some cats have litter box aversion, but it will pass. Which is why we say it will require some patients to litter-train your cat.

How to address inappropriate elimination?

There will be times when your cat is not using the litter box, and instead it relieves itself on the floor/carpet. What can you do? The first thing you want to avoid is yelling at your cat. The truth is that yelling at your pet is not going to be ok, and it will bring in major problems. Put the waste where it belongs and clean the place where you had any waste.

In case your pet continues to relieve itself in the same area, move the water and food box there. This will stop your pet quite a bit. If these things still don’t work the way you want, it’s a good idea to opt for a temporary confinement period.


Training your cat to use the litter box is not going to be simple. Some cats will learn this fast, but there are also stubborn cats whose training process can take a while. But if you do it right and understand the process, results can indeed be second to none. We recommend you use these tips and tricks, they are very helpful if you want to train your pet properly. While there, invest in the best cat litter too, and study the way your cat uses its litter box, then start training it again or confine it to stop any bad behaviour!

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