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Introducing Premium Tofu Cat Litter™


What if you could save enormous amounts of time, money, elliminate any odours that comes from your cats litter tray, and make your cat happier than ever, simultaneously, without any more time wasted searching through the internet to find the perfect cat litter for your cat?

Well now you can!

Introducing Premium Tofu Cat Litter™!

This revolutionary new cat litter makes life easy allowing you to relax knowing your cat is happier and kittens safer than ever before by using Premium Tofu Cat Litter

Let me show you why Premium Tofu Cat Litter™ is so amazing:

  1. Superior Odour Control.
  2. Cleaning the tray could not be easier; the litter itself is clumping and biodegradable. It dissolves fully in water therefore you can safely flush down the toilet, 2 clumps at a time without any problems or alternatively use it in your compost
  3.  6 x 6.5 bags  will last approximately the whole year in a single cat household saving you a small fortune. Premium Tofu Cat Litter is 420% more absorbent than other cat litters, so it lasts over 4 times longer than other brands, which means no longer having to regularly re-buy.
  4. As our litter is so absorbent it means you won’t have to buy it as often which means you won’t have to cover shipping costs, tax, vat or delivery costs unecessarily.
  5. See your cat love their new cat litter; the litter itself is made from organic all natural ingredients, is fragrance free and hypoallergenic so there isn’t a chance that there’s a cat out there who won’t end up loving this litter

With Premium Tofu Cat Litter™ you don’t need to worry about:

  • Smell
  • Time
  • Effort
  • Energy
  • Cost

Now the great news is Premium Tofu Cat Litter™ is just £20.99, RRP £27.99

You will also get 15% with this code for your first order on all cat litter products in our store.




That’s less than Most people’s monthly coffee bill and you’ll see results in no time!

Oh, and you’re fully protected with our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, if you don’t like it, you will get your money back.

So act now! Go ahead and order yours!

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