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Leaving your cat home alone

If you work a lot and are away from home for long hours at a time you may be worried your cat will be feeling lonely, but don't worry. With a few tips and tricks you can make this less stressful for your furry friend as they will undoubtedly miss you and probably will feel lonely without you there.

There are a few ways in which you might make them feel comfortable in your absence. Provide them with clean bowls of freshwater around the house, some food, a few toys to play with, clean cat litter and a warm environment. Cats should never be put away in a closed room as they may feel trapped and anxious and require space to move around freely.

cat tree and open cardboard boxes may also help to entertain them while you’re away. 
As your cat will be used to social interaction and your company, another thing that helps cats stay calm in your absence is having the tv left on and having a timer for your lamps will also indicate to your cat you will be home soon when they come on.


For more anxious cats we would recommend a pheromone plug in which has been
known to help relax your cat.

Leaving your cat alone when going to work should never really be a problem but if you are going to be out for longer periods of time leaving your cat indoors you may notice some changes in behaviour. You see despite cats being solitary creatures they are actually very social beings and without another animal or person to interact with they can become quite lonely which is why we recommend a housecat always has a companion.

Other signs to look out for that indicate your cat may be lonely would be clinginess. Your cat may follow you around from room to room, trying to stay close to you or they may go the other way and start soiling outside their litter tray to show their disapproval of being left alone. Your cat may become aggressive towards you and soil your clothing or belongings too.

As cats are creatures of habit when their routine changes they can easily be negatively affected by this so it is important to implement changes to your cats routine slowly and with lots of praise and positive attention focused on it to allow your cat to see the change as a fun and positive experience.

We stress that leaving your cat alone when going on holiday is strictly a NO!!

We do not recommend you leave your cat alone and unattended for any more than 24 hours.
Your cat will need fresh water, food, companionship and care if they fall ill in your absence. Weather changes and home emergencies can also affect your cats in your absence. If you are going on holiday we strongly suggest you ask a friend, neighbour or family member to care for your cat while you are away and it would be best to keep them at your own home where your cat will feel safe, protected and in familiar surroundings. 

There are pet sitters available who will stop by to play and socialise with your pet daily, taking care of litter changes, food and fresh water. There are also catteries which can board your cat while you are on vacation and give you access through various apps to be able to see your pet in real-time.

Your cat loves you and the time spent with you. You mean the world to them. If you feel you are unable to give your pet the time and company they deserve then you may want to consider getting a companion for them. As the ocean needs the shore, we all need someone who will be there for us.
helping your cat stay healthy
We have compiled this ebook to help you better understand a number of common cat concerns and how to treat them effectively as well as determine what is going to help or aggravate your cat further. It is always best to be aware of your cat’s behaviour in order to minimise the risk of any ongoing health issues. Like all living creatures, cats can get sick too.

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