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10 Massive Facts About Maine Coon Cats

10 Massive Facts About Maine Coon Cats

With their luxurious manes, chirps of love and gentle natures, Maine coons have earned the reputation of being one of the most beloved cat breeds. It’s no surprise though as this stunning domesticated breed possesses both beauty and brains.  Sweet affectionate, intelligent and playful Maine coons are adored for their even temperament and loyalty to their families.  As wonderful gentle giants they make perfect additions to any family however, there’s a lot you may not know about the Maine coons.  Below we will explore 10 massive facts about Maine Coons cats.

1. They were bred to withstand harsh winters

Maine coon cats as their name suggests were initially bred in Maine to withstand cold bitter and intense winters. Their coat consists of three layers, two of which make up the undercoat and they also have one layer of a guard coat the undercoat is designed to insulate their bodies against harsh winters while their guard coat protects them from water which makes it ideal for the snow so it turns out that their fluffy appearance isn’t just for good looks. Maine coons also have thick and tough fur in their ears to keep them warm. They also have thick flat large paws that are designed to help them walk on top of the snow with ease. Needless to say, their unique features make them perfect pets for colder climates.  However, the Maine coon is perfect and ready for all weather. 

2. They’re the largest domesticated cat breed

Perhaps one of the most unique things about this stunning cat breed is its large size.  Maine coons aren’t considered fully grown until they’re about two years old. To put this into perspective the average cat is fully grown at about one year. As a result, the average domesticated cat maxes out at about 10 pounds while the Maine coon can weigh up to 25 pounds, while we may be biassed we think a Maine Coons massive size gives you more to love. Maine coons are often taller than your average house cat as well while a typical domesticated cat stands about 10 inches high at the maximum. Maine coons can max out at about 16 inches in height. This breed can be anywhere from 19 to 40 inches long as well. For comparison, the average cat is only 18 inches long and their unique builds make it feel like a real wild cat is living in your house with you. 

3. They’re known as the gentle giants of the domesticated cat world

Maine coons have an exceptionally sweet and gentle demeanour. In fact, due to their size, they’re known as the gentle giants of the cat world. They’re unusually large for domesticated cat breeds and paired with their even temperament this nickname makes sense. With their big bodies,  large paws and manes they mimic many wild cats like lions. Their loyal personalities and large sizes have also earned them the reputation as the dogs of the cat world.  They’re usually a playful breed and it’s not unheard of for a Maine coon to be trained to play fetch. Additionally, they’re also wonderful with other cats,  dogs and children.  Their tolerant natures and even temperament make them a wonderful option for any family. Social affectionate and loyal Maine coons are all about their people and other animal friends. These gentle giants go above and beyond to make their families happy

4. They have personalities larger than life

The most wonderful thing about Maine coons is their personality. Their laid-back and easy-going temperaments paired with their silly playstyle create a larger-than-life personality sure to wiggle its way into your heart. Adaptable, playful and remarkably intelligent these big cats are always ready for playtime or snuggles. They are equally goofy and savvy. Wildly affectionate Maine coons are all about time with their humans. If you get a Maine coon  don’t be surprised if they rub, snuggle and nuzzle themselves into you, what’s even sweeter is that these big babies don’t see their size as a barrier to being a lap cat.  They’re also goofy they love to play with toys and inanimate objects in the quirkiest ways. Maine coons are deeply intelligent and can even be trained to do tricks. Their versatile personalities make them the perfect well-rounded pets so if you’re looking for a pet with a big personality Maine coon is a wonderful option. 

5. They’re the official state cat of Maine

Since Maine coons were bred to withstand the harsh winter conditions of Maine it makes sense that they’re the official state cat.  They were incredibly popular in Maine and New England during the early 1800s until they were nearly forgotten in the late 1800s as the Persian and other long-haired breeds gained popularity. Believe it or not, Maine coons became so forgotten that they nearly went extinct, but after Maine named the Maine coon their official state cat the breed surged in popularity after that they were brought back from near extinction. So what did people find appealing about this breed well Maine coons were initially very popular for their ability to hunt on board ships and on farms. They also proved themselves incredibly useful for catching mice and other rodents that threatened soil. Their hunting abilities fluffy coats for bitter winters and unfettered sense of companionship led to their spark in initial popularity.

6. They’re fairly expensive

Due to their unique size, coat and personality traits, Maine coons are one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world. This can also be attributed to their high demand, popularity and rarity. On average the price of a Maine is about two thousand pounds. If you think the price of a Maine can’t possibly be any higher think again. Those with special coats or fur patterns can sometimes go even more.  If you’re looking for a more affordable option, rescues and shelters are wonderful places to look. Adopting a Maine coon is very rewarding and often they’re already socialised and know the basics of proper house manners. Adopting a Maine coon can change both, their life and your life for the better. Be sure to check for adoptable cats near you through your local shelters or reputable pet search websites. 

7. They’re very vocal

The reason Maine coons are so adored is for their very vocal natures.  They’re very talkative and aren’t afraid to tell you how much they love you. While Maine coons can meow like other cats, they usually stick to adorable chirps and trills to communicate. Trilling is like a per meow combo sound, needless to say, these unique noises add to their charm and few cats are as vocal as the Maine coon. If you prefer a quiet pet then a Maine may not be the right fit for you.  Maine coons are incredibly vocal and will use chirps and trills to win your heart so if you adore when animals talk and make charming and peculiar noises then a Maine coon is a great option. They’re wonderful family pets and their chirps and trills provide endless entertainment they’ll often talk to their other pets too. 

8. They love playing in the water

Thanks to their guard coats and genetic inclination towards snow these cats usually love water. You usually won’t have to worry about giving your Maine coon a bath when needed since these cats tend to enjoy it.  Maine coons are even great swimmers since their coat is water resistant these cats are fine with getting wet during playtime.  In the summer you can set up a kiddie pool in the backyard and watch your Maine coon  flourish. Since Maine coons aren’t afraid to get their paws wet like other cats they will relish every moment in the water. You and your kids can even join them in the fun but if you do this we can’t promise neighbours won’t think you’re weird for playing with your cat in a kiddie pool. 

9. They love to go on walks

Even though Maine coons are known as the dogs of the cat world it may still surprise you that they love to go on walks and are usually quite cooperative when it comes to.  Since these cats were primarily bred to live outdoors and withstand harsh winters rest assured that your Maine coon might just love to take a stroll around the neighbourhood with you.  They enjoy taking in the sights and sounds with their owner. If you are going to take your cat for a walk, just remember to keep them on a harness which prevents them from being choked. Also, keep in mind that every cat needs to be harnessed and trained before attempting a walk.  It usually takes days or weeks for a cat to get fully comfortable with wearing a harness, so just be patient. Since Maine coons are wildly active cats getting them outside for a walk can help them enjoy all the outdoors has to offer. It’s also a great opportunity to bond with your gentle giant.

10. Maine coon  was successfully cloned

Believe it or not, in 2003 the first Maine coon was successfully cloned.  Julie a Texas woman was devastated by the loss of her seventeen-year-old Maine coon. She paid fifty thousand dollars to have him cloned by a company called Genetic Savings and Clone. The cat’s name was little Nicki and soon another little Nicki arrived the cat not only looked like her original but possessed a lot of the same personality traits. Little Nicki was not the first successfully cloned cat. In 2001 a female domestic shorthair named CC was the first cloned cat. And you guessed it CC stands for both copycat or carbon copy, As you can probably imagine cloning is very controversial due to ethical concerns, especially since most clones fail. Animal welfare organizations have even spoken out against cloning animals for commercial purposes.  In fact, the company that cloned little Nicki and CC eventually closed its doors due to controversies and financial difficulties. 

All in all these interesting facts about Maine coons just add to the many reasons to love them. If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime friend that loves water-long walks and vocalises their love for you look no further than the Maine coons these massive fluffy cats are sure to steal your heart. 

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