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Some of the most popular cat litters on the market!

Some of the most popular cat litters on the market!

So let’s talk about some of the best 

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These days there are so many types and brands of cat litter to choose from, how do you know you are getting something that ticks all the boxes?

Most cat owners will know what they are looking for in their litter of choice and this would definitely include an odour free formula that is preferably long-lasting and easily disposed of while lending a hand to support the environment and planet.

You will want your cat to use the litter with ease and not suffer any discomfort or toileting issues due to your litter of choice.

Not all types of litter are environmentally friendly, however, and some cat litters really should be considered a thing of the past when taking into account the damage they inflict on the environment and the problems associated with disposing of them in landfills.

There are also litters that contain a lot of dust that can cause upper respiratory problems for your cat.

In this new era in cat litter, we now have multiple choices that will benefit you, your cats and the environment. So, let’s talk about some different cat litter types, the benefits and drawbacks of each and allow you to make a more informed choice in selecting what works best for you.

Clay Based Litter

cat litter

There was a time when the clay-based litter was probably the only cat litter available to buy in shops.

People would then use substitutes like sawdust, sand and animal bedding to get the job done however concerns with smells, dust and parasites did not make these suitable in the long run.

The reason clay litter was and is so popular today is because of its ability to absorb moisture and clump around waste while working out very cheaply for the buyer.

It is not considered good for the environment however, as naturally occurring soil minerals it needs to be mined and this is often not sustainably sourced.

Some of Clay litter has dust particles containing crystalline silica dust, a known cancer causing agent that may cause your cat respiratory problems and asthma so it is important to try and source low dust  litter to prevent future problems.

Remember though, that no clay litter is completely dust-free.

This could be from young kittens who tend to lick the litter.

Clay litter can expand up to 15 times their size when coming into contact with moisture causing life-threatening internal blockage if ingested. 

There are 2 types of clay litter. Clumping and non-clumping. The clumping makes it easier to scoop and dispose of any waste in the tray whereas the non-clumping works for those who are happy to empty out the whole tray once a week.

Clay-based litters are NOT flushable, in fact, they will wreak havoc on your plumbing system.

They do not break down in the water but absorb it, turning it into a wet cement-like texture.

Disposal is typically through bagging and going towards landfills.

Silica Litter

cat litter

Silica litter is 100% natural mineral-based litter.

It is made of sand quartz and minerals formed into tiny pearls. It works by binding high amounts of liquid together then slowly releasing the moisture.

This unfortunately doesn’t absorb odours and the odours are then released back into the air over time causing an odour problem and requiring a full tray change.

It is also a point to note that wet crystals won’t absorb urine either which is why it is advisable to “stir” the litter regularly to allow the moisture to evaporate and extend the life of the litter.

Silica litter is non-flushable, if your cat ingests it accidentally they could suffer from internal blockage or have a tummy upset at the very least and as it is non-clumping, your cat would be required to walk on soiled litter whenever they used the tray possibly transferring bacteria to other areas of the home.

Silica dust continues to be dangerous if inhaled by humans and animals alike. The dust particles are a known carcinogen to humans and can cause respiratory tract problems.

Wood Pellets

cat litter

Wood pellets are a popular choice when it comes to choosing cat litter but is it really safe to use?

As long as it is made from untreated wood and contains nothing other than 100% natural wood fibres it is safe

It is always best to buy a wood pellet litter designed to be used as cat litter and not something like wood stove pellets which may contain phenol, an organic substance toxic to cats that can lead to liver failure if ingested.  

Some pine wood pellets have phenol which must be removed by kiln drying the wood.

There is seldom any dust associated with wood pellets and they tend to be made from reclaimed wood from the lumber industry meaning no new trees are cut down.

This works out very cost-effective for most cat owners who have one or two cats but over time the cost of changing the litter so often adds up and gives cat owners more work than ease.

The downside to using wood pellets however is the fact they soak up the urine leaving behind wet mulch.

After about 5 days you are required to change out the complete tray and dispose of heavy bags at landfill regularly. 

This can also be unhygienic as your cat is required to walk on soiled litter whenever they use the tray transferring bacteria to other places in the home and as the wood pellets sometimes leave behind a damp residue, there is potential for urinary tract infections if the trays are not cleaned regularly.

Tofu Cat Litter

cat litter

This litter is made from TOFU, corn and pea fibre which as you know is a 100% natural organic compound.

Premium Tofu Cat Litter has been sustainably sourced, is biodegradable and is made of non-stick, clumping particles so you will experience less mess and tracking.

The soft texture is kind to kittens’ paws and totally safe if accidentally ingested and as kittens tend to lick their litter there are no dangers of possible intestinal obstruction like with clay-based litters.

There is a low amount of dust when filling the litter tray but this is of low hazard and non-toxic to you and your animals.

All 100% natural soy/corn-based (TOFU) products will have natural dust otherwise chemicals need to be added to bind the particles together altering the overall performance of the litter.

This litter is flushable!!

Yes, you can simply scoop and go when your furry friend has soiled their tray and not have to worry about regularly emptying a whole litter tray or worry about unpleasant odours either.

As the tofu dissolves completely in the water there is no danger to clogged pipes. It is recommended that 1 or 2 clumps be flushed at a time to be safely flushed away.

Tofu litter has unbeatable odour control as the small tofu particles wrap around any waste enclosing  bad smells within the clumps leaving no unpleasant smells behind to embarrass you or your guests.

Due to its unique absorption, Tofu litter lasts on average 4 x longer than the average store-bought litter and one 6.5kg bag can last one cat between 4 and 6 weeks saving you money and time cleaning out litter trays.

Other Litters

the best cat litter in the uk

While there are still many different types of litter available on the market today, we steered clear of recycled paper as we found it was not completely hygienic due to damp paw prints visible on floors after use and the little or no odour control it offered.

We found corn-based litter also left kitty paw prints on floors and we completely avoided any scented cat litters as the choice is made purely for human comfort and does not actually benefit your cat. If your cat’s waste smells bad it is due to a poor diet and this can be remedied. 

Artificial scents in the litter can cling to your cat, forcing them to smell it all day giving your cat an unnatural environment in which to do their business.


Premium Tofu Cat Litter Tofu cat litter

We hope this helps you make an informed decision regarding what will work best for you and your furry friend and that we all make the right decisions when it comes to helping this beautiful planet full of beautiful cats. Thank you for reading 

 “Some of the most popular cat litters on the market


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