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The Basics Of Caring For Your Cat!

Lets go over the basics!!

You have a new cat so lets get them everything they need!

Do you have a cat or kitten?


If you have a cat then adult cat food is required NOT kitten food. Senior, kitten and adult cat food have different formulas created to benefit your cat at their specific age so you should use the one which is age appropriate for them.

You will want a COMPLETE cat food so they are getting all their nutritional requirements. If you decide on dry food, wet food or a combination of both, be sure you are getting ones that have a high meat content by checking the labels.

However, one should always try and avoid giving the cat table scraps as the main food source for the cat, as human food is not really complete and nutritious for the cat.
The essential ingredients for cat food should be amino acid taurine and calcium which usually come in the form of a bone based meal.


Be sure to supply your cat with fresh water every single day, even if they don’t drink it!! Keep the water in a different location to their food as they do not tend to drink from close to their food area and if possible invest in a drinking fountain so your cat has access to fresh water whenever they need it.


Another basic cat requirement would be the litter box and choosing the right litter.

The box should ideally be placed in a quiet area, where there is some privacy for them and no interruptions to startle them when attempting to do their business.

Select an environmentally safe cat litter and observe how your cat reacts to it. If there is any sign your cat does not like it, change it to something else. Signs your cat doesn’t like their litter are soiling outside the box, smelling it and walking away, using it and jumping off it quickly without covering their waste.


Scratch Posts

As cats are naturally inclined to scratch various objects, such as furniture and curtains, it would be in the owner’s best interest to find ways to keep the pet cat from doing this very damaging act by investing in a scratch post.

Some people use sticky tape and tin foil on surfaces to deter their cat from scratching certain furniture, while others spray the area with scents, as generally, cats dislike strong smells. We would not suggest this as your cats respiratory system can react badly to artificial aerosol scents which may also be poisonous.
Purchasing a scratching post is a great alternative and your cat should be encouraged to use this instead of the furniture which is more often than not more tempting to them.


Providing your cat with an adequate amount of toys to keep them occupied will ensure they do not get into mischief when bored. Cats love to select their toys for playtime and can be possessive with their toys too. Have a few different types and include some cat nip toys for special evenings.


Vaccinations and chipping

Please vaccinate your cat as a matter of priority. Feline flu is a deadly virus that kills cats every day. Vaccinations will protect against this and more. Be sure to  have them chipped immediately  so if ever they go missing and/or become lost, they will be identifiable when found and registered as having an owner. These last two points are very important!!


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