Premium Anti- Anxiety Cat Beds

When cats sleep they deserve a comfortable, calming, safe space. As many cats suffer from anxiety, we know they rest easier in a calm and peaceful napping place. Calming pet beds are new to the pet market, anti-anxiety cat beds are made efficiently, created to reduce stress and anxiety. Our beds come in a variety of colours, sizes. Most of our beds have a raised edge to create a semi-enclosed environment so your cat can feel secure. Along with being safe and affordable, Our orthopedic beds have a special padding in them that helps in healing sore joints. Also, our faux fur beds are durable and perfect for the cat that loves to knead. However, before deciding on which bed will be best for your cat, learn to recognize whether or not your cat is manifesting symptoms of anxiety.

Symptoms of Anxiety in Cats

  • Aggressive behavior and hiding.
  • Grooming themselves all day resulting in loss of hair.
  • Not letting you out of their sight.
  • Excessive meowing, for little to no reason.
  • Unable to walk properly.
  • Trembling.
  • Not sleeping and pacing.

How do Premium Anti-Anxiety Pet Beds Work?

 Our Premium Anti-Anxiety pet beds are designed to reduce stress for your cat. They also provide a safe space for your cat, creating a sense of security and peace. The structure of each bed determines the level of comfort provided, some beds are designed to reduce joint pain while others provide heating capabilities.

Anti-Anxiety Calming Donut cat bed:

Our Therapeutic Cat Beds were designed in collaboration with animal therapists; They provide a comfortable experience for your cat, designed to envelop them when curled up in it. It imitates the sensation of being snuggled with their littermates. The raised circle surrounding the bed also provides the perfect headrest.  We offer six colors in three different sizes, suitable for all cats old and young. These calming cat beds are the perfect place for a cat to rest and feel comfortable, warm and stress free. The filing is soft, combined with durable nylon and artificial fur created to be both water and dirt repellent. 

Cats that suffer from severe anxiety and stress, this calming cat bed is exactly what they need to recover. The raised edges and donut shape allow a cat to sink into them for a nap or a long and restful sleep. It serves to activate the nervous system in a positive way, reducing both stress and anxiety. The soft sensation can also help with soothing aching joints and muscles for senior cats. The base is designed with a non-slip grip that keeps the bed in place and steady on most surfaces. Just place the bed in their favourite room or anywhere they can feel or see your presence.

Benefits of Anti-Anxiety Calming Donut cat bed:

 Easy Maintenance: Simply put the bed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle and on a low temperature to wash dirt, hair, odour, and stains. We recommend drying immediately to maintain shape and integrity.

  • Available in multiple colours.
  • Soothes aching joints & Muscles
  • Soft and cozy
  • Non-slip base with grip
  • Helps reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Water and dirt repellent
  • Encourages restful sleep
  • Made from safe and durable materials.

Bolster cat bed:  Are great for large cats, raised on three sides, it allows them to rest their head by leaning on the softer side. Promoting a feeling of safety and protection.

Cave-style bed:  Allow your cat to feel the comfort similar to that of a blanket, this bed lets a cat burrow into a pocket-like structure. This can release stress as they relax into a safe environment of their own, perfect for smaller cats but can also be used for big cats suffering from anxiety.

When deciding on what type of bed to buy for your anxious cat, calming elements are important. However, additional things to consider for pet parents are also an odour-resistant fabric. Material should be durable and soft so that it is suitable for any cat breed. The fabric should be machine washable so that you can keep your home and pet safe, with a non-slip bottom to prevent slip and falls when your cat jumps into take a nap. 

Our Anti-Anxiety Calming Cat Donut bed is the best bed on the market. It is made from highly durable nylon with water resistant fabric. The raised edges allow your cat to comfortably sink inside with a head rest in every direction. It is machine washable making its maintenance and usage more accessible and longer lasting. The calming cat bed is a necessity for your beloved pet. It eases overall stress and makes your cat feel more safe and protected. A perfect cat bed to keep your cat calm while in stress and anxiety

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