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Premium Corn & Hemp Cat Litter – Coming Soon

Premium Corn & Hemp Cat Litter

Premium Cat Supplies

We at Premium Cat Supplies have been supplying our amazing Premium Tofu Cat Litter to cat owners throughout the country for the past few years now bringing in a New Era in cat litter.

Our continued research has allowed us to bring to you and your cats a superior new product, that has changed the way people appreciate cat litter today.

By bringing you an all natural, biodegradable and sustainable source in cat litter we know things are set to only get better.

Further research

Further research in our field has encouraged us to try various different combinations of the most popular components used in making the worlds best litter and we have come up with another winner!!

We’re currently working on bringing you our latest and most advanced formula in Cat Litter yet.

Premium Corn & Hemp Cat Litter

Premium Corn & Hemp Cat Litter is 100% natural with a fine granulate.

 It is produced from sustainable sources in Poland from the embryos of maize grain as well as the stem and fibres of hemp.

 It does not contain any chemical additives, making it completely natural, ecological and completely safe for your pets.

 An excellent choice for one cat or a multi cat household. It also works very well for kittens who may consume small amounts of litter from the litter box. This litter is safe if ingested in small quantities making it suitable for kittens.

The product is highly efficient with 7 times more absorbency than even the best litters sold and has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

The product will be available in 25l packages. (10,5KG)

 This is an amazing opportunity for you to try this revolutionary new litter that will offer huge benefits to you and your cat either way when choosing one of our Premium Cat Supplies Litters. 

We look forward to giving you that choice in the near future and bringing you our best cat litter yet!!!

Premium Corn & Hemp Cat Litter

premium tofu cat litter

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