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3,5KG Eco-Bag Premium Tofu Cat Litter™

It’s time to go natural for your kitty with the Premium Organic Cat Litter ECO-Bag – a new, innovative way to control your cat’s waste. Save the environment, protect your cat, and make pet ownership a whole lot easier!

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32L / 14kg + Free 2 Bow

3,5KG Eco-Bag Premium Tofu Cat Litter™ - New Formula - 4 x 3.5kg - 14Kg/32L


FREE!! 2 Cat Bowls to 32L of Premium Tofu Cat Litter - 2 Cat Bowls


Total price: £48.98

48L / 21kg + Free "Food" Mat

3,5KG Eco-Bag Premium Tofu Cat Litter™ - New Formula - 6 x 3.5kg - 21Kg/48L


FREE!! "Food" Mat to 48L of Premium Tofu Cat Litter


Total price: £72.98

64L / 28kg + Free Mat + 2 Bowls

3,5KG Eco-Bag Premium Tofu Cat Litter™ - New Formula - 8 x 3.5kg - 28Kg/64L


FREE! Mat + 2 Bowls to 64L of Premium Tofu Cat Litter


Total price: £95.98

80L / 35kg + 50cm Cat Bed

3,5KG Eco-Bag Premium Tofu Cat Litter™ - New Formula - 10 x 3.5kg - 35Kg/80L


FREE! 50cm Cat Bed to 80L of Premium Tofu Cat Litter


Total price: £115.98

4x Better Odour Control

It quickly soaks up cat urine and neutralizes strong odours

100% Natural

Lasts 4 times longer than the other brands available on the market

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Natural & Biodegradable
Made with 100% nature bean dregs, our tofu cat litter is an organic, biodegradable, and chemical-free alternative to common cat litters. Praised for its safety and clever design, cat owners can have peace of mind knowing their kitty will be safe using this litter, even if they ingest it or have delicate noses.

Odour Control
Nobody wants a house to smell like their pet’s waste. The Premium Organic Cat Litter offers 5x better odour control than regular clumping clay litters with its active tofu fibres. This unbeatable choice will keep your house smelling great despite your cat’s wastage. It also has a lightweight design that encourages a more ergonomic experience when lifting the bag and refilling litter boxes.

Outstanding Absorbency
Tired of needing to change the cat litter every few days? With our premium cat litter, you won’t need to replace it until 2-3 weeks from the start. It features excellent absorbency for both urine and solid waste, drying both types of waste for effortless removal. This specific formula was also implemented to prevent dust build-up while maintaining the convenient effects of the litter.

Start doing better for yourself, your cat, and the environment with this benefit-packed organic cat litter!

  • 100% nature bean dregs
  • Chemical-free + odour control
  • Excellent absorbency for urine & solid waste
  • Safe for cats & household
  • Lightweight design
  • Replace after 2-3 weeks
  • 3.5kg bag size

IMPORTANT: Please do not buy this product if you are expecting to have zero dust as all 100% natural soy/corn-based products will have natural dust. Otherwise, we will have to add CHEMICALS to bind the particles together or make them much BIGGER, which will reduce the absorption/clumping and odour control capability.



“Once upon a time there was a happy house and a couple of lovely cats lived in it… every day, all the household members struggled with the unpleasant smell in the whole house coming from the litter box and the constant need for change and dealing with endless waste. They felt resigned and lost… after so many attempts they thought change was not possible.. BUT! One day they found the right cat litter! One day they came across a new product that they had no idea about before, so they decided to put it to the test, and because of that their problems suddenly ended! The unpleasant smell disappeared from the whole house and the excess of unwanted waste was solved and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, because of that everyone could now enjoy a fragrant home and healthy happy cats forever.”

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13 reviews for 3,5KG Eco-Bag Premium Tofu Cat Litter™

  1. Josh

    Best Cat Litter ever! My cat loves it

  2. Terry

    Buy it if you are allergic to regular cat litter. My husband is, but since we changed to Tofu one his symptoms stopped.

  3. Paul

    This litter can be scooped and cleaned without much dust. Love it

  4. Ell

    Very convenient to keep the cat litter box clean

  5. wil

    I’m pretty impressed by the fact my cat likes his letter box now. It always was kond of problem for him to get things done

  6. thomas

    This Tofu cat litter meets the high demands of my cats. If they could buy it themselves, they would probably buy this one 🙂

  7. nathan

    That I didn’t discover it earlier… It doesn’t dust, stink, or stain, doesn’t spread! Ideal! Will buy a bundle next time

  8. ben

    Buy without thinking if you are allergy sufferers!

  9. jacob16

    I recommend it to everyone.

  10. jude

    The only litter my cats accepted. However, its greatest advantage is the possibility of throwing it straight into the toilet without fear of ‘concreting’ the sewage system.

  11. Lollllcha

    The best litter I have bought so far. I have no complaints about the quality. I’ve been ordering different packages and can’t see the difference between big and small bags.

  12. Jake

    I have asthma and usually some problems with cat litter. But this one – do not bother me. 5 stars out of 5!

  13. Barttty

    Kitty says this litter is the best!

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