Premium Tofu Cat Litter 100% NATURAL 30L, 45L, 60L & 90L

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As a cat owner, you want your kitty to be as safe and protected as possible in all situations - including when they do their business. Our Tofu Organic Cat Litter is an all-natural solution with numerous benefits for those who own cats.

Biodegradable Design
With the biodegradable quality of the Tofu Cat Litter, you can flush and dispose of it down the toilet or even use it as fertilizer in your garden for better sustainability. Not only that, but because of its natural design, even if your cat accidentally ingests it, this won't be a problem, unlike other conventional cat litter. Now you can protect your kitty and have a positive impact on the environment simultaneously.

Extreme Absorbency
4x more absorbency gives this litter multi-cat strength, perfect for households with more than one cat and especially larger cats with more waste. Despite its absorbency, it also features extreme odour control, so you won't need to worry about the smell that typically comes from cat litter.

Hypo-Allergenic Safety
The list of reasons why the Tofu Cat Litter is so desirable just keeps growing! With its hypo-allergenic design due to the natural materials used, you can help keep the entire household safe from allergies, and all of your surfaces clean effortlessly.

Clumping Effect
When your kitty uses this biodegradable cat litter, it merges together to form solid clumps that can be easily removed and cleaned for a tidy result. The material is also lighter, making every bag easier to lift and pour when you need to replace it.

● Easy to dispose of - flushable + biodegradable
● Easy to scoop & remove cat waste
● Excellent absorbency with multi-cat strength
● Hypo-allergenic for protection against allergies
● Lightweight design
● Safe for cats & household
● 6.5kg bag size

Grab yours today and start to protect the environment every time you use our product!