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Top 15 Cat Hacks You NEED to Know

Top 15 Cat Hacks You NEED to Know

As much as we love our feline friends, taking care of them can sometimes feel like a guessing game,  That’s why we gathered a list of tips and tricks to make caring for your cat much easier. Please see below the top 17 cat hacks you need to know. 

  • Make nail clipping easier

The first step is to get your cat used to having their paws touched. Gently take one of their paws and massage it for a few seconds. If your cat lets you do this successfully, give them a treat. Repeat this process for several days or weeks depending on your cat’s tolerance. Once your cat is comfortable with paw massages, get them used to you extending their claws by gently pressing on the paw pad by following the same process.  Once your cat is fully comfortable with that they will be much more likely to tolerate a nail trimming. 

  • Sleep through the night

The trick to not being woken up throughout the night is to tire your cat out before bed.  Most cats need at least 30 minutes of exercise per day but it doesn’t have to all be in one session. If you are splitting up their exercise then spend at least 15 to 20 minutes playing before you go to bed. Lasers pointers and fishing poles are a couple of the many great options that get cats moving then you’ll both sleep through the night.

  • Reduce shedding

Regular brushing reduces the amount of excess hair your cat carries, which means less hair around the house.  So if you really want to reduce shedding, brush your cat every day or every other day. In case you’re wondering, yes this also applies to short-haired cats. Even if shedding isn’t a concern, a short-haired cat should be brushed at least once a week and a long-haired cat every day. Doing so will keep their coat tangle-free and healthy, less hair around the house is just a happy bonus.

  • Prevent hairballs

Adding fibre to your cat’s diet can prevent hairballs.  Pumpkin is a long-time veterinarian remedy for hairballs and constipation because it helps move things along in their bowels thanks to its high soluble fibre content. A cat can be given one to four teaspoons of canned pumpkin up to twice daily mixed in their cat food. Just to make sure,  it’s 100% pure pumpkin that’s cooked and pureed, not pumpkin pie filling.

  • Keep your cat off the counter

The last place you want your cat is on a hot stove or clean cutting board. To prevent this simply spread pieces of aluminium foil over your counters. This works because cats hate the sound and texture of aluminium foil.  Another hack is to place pieces of double-sided tape on your counters because cats hate its tactile feel and stickiness. For extra stubborn cats, you can always invest in a motion-activated sprayer.  Soon enough you can drop these precautions because your cat will learn to avoid the counter.

  •  Keep your cat hydrated

Many cats don’t drink enough water which can lead to several health problems. To encourage your cat to drink more, one of the most popular cat hacks is to get a pet fountain. Cats are attracted to running water because their wildcat ancestors developed an aversion to still water which can contain bacteria. If your cat eats wet food you can also add warm water to their meal to blend it in like a broth. Also, be sure to keep their water away from the food bowl. Cats instinctively avoid drinking near their food to not contaminate their water with potential sources of bacteria. 


  • Save your workspace 

If you work from home or just spend a lot of time at a desk your cat might try to lay on your keyboard or paw out the monitor.  While this can be cute I’m sure, you don’t want a little paw hitting the wrong key. One of the simplest cat hacks is to put a box on your desk cats love boxes because the confined space makes them feel safe and secure, so the next time you get a delivery add it to your workspace. 

  •  Protect your plants

An easy cat hack is to spray citrus spray on your plants since cats have an aversion to citrus odours. You can also try leaving citrus peels on top of the soil. Another easy hack is to place pine cones, rocks or tree branches on top of the soil. Cats hate the prickly feeling of pine cones and they also don’t like the obstacles of rocks or branches. Also, remember some plants are toxic to cats. 

  • Remove urine stains and odours

Cat urine is notoriously difficult to clean.  So, if your cat has an accident it can be a nightmare to get rid of the stain and odour.  An easy cat hack is to sprinkle baking soda on the stain and let it sit for at least 30 minutes or even better a few hours for the baking soda to soak up the urine. Then simply vacuum the baking soda away. Afterwards if needed mix one part white vinegar with one part water and spray the affected area then dry with a paper towel. This works because the acidity and vinegar kill the odour-causing bacteria in the urine. 

  •  Make naming easier

Naming a cat might be simple but teaching your cat their name isn’t always as easy interestingly, cats tend to respond better to short names. They also respond best to names that end with an e sound. With this in mind try to give your cat a one or two-syllable name that ends with an “e” sound.  Some popular examples are Lily, Chloe, Ollie or Murphy.

  • Make your cat feel safe

Cats need to feel safe and secure and one way to achieve that is to put up wall perches and shelves. These shelves offer your cat a safe place to hide. Wall shelves also allow your cat to observe the home from what they see as a safe spot plus your cat will enjoy the mental enrichment.

  • Teach your cat commands

Contrary to popular belief cats can be trained to do tricks. With time, patience and positive reinforcement, cats can learn commands like sit,  stay, come and so on. You can train a cat with the clicker and bite-sized treats. The moment your cat performs the desired action, immediately click then reward them with the treat. Eventually, your cat will put two and two together.  It is recommended up to two training sessions a day for five minutes or less, during which the behaviour should be repeated up to 20 times. 

  • Remove cat hair

Pet hair is notoriously difficult to get off surfaces. Sure you could use a lint roller or duct tape but depending on the surface area that could take a long time. Believe it or not, you likely have an easier solution under your kitchen sink. Simply dampen a pair of rubber gloves and rub the desired surface to get the hair off. Yes, it’s really that simple. 

  • Make your cat eat slower

If your cat eats too fast it can lead to a displeasing gift on your carpet. Needless to say, regular vomiting can also lead to several health issues. Even if your cat isn’t throwing up, eating too fast can make them become overweight or obese. An easy hack is to put your cat’s food on a plate instead of a bowl. The flat surface will reduce their ability to eat as fast. You can also use interactive slow feeders which make your kitty have to work for their food. 

  • Reduce your cat’s stress

Any big life change like a new house or a new pet is incredibly stressful for your cat. To help reduce their stress plug in a pheromone diffuser. When your cat rubs its face on something like a piece of furniture it’s depositing pheromones to claim its territory. When the cats smell pheromones around the house,  they are calmed because it reassures them it’s a safe place. A pheromone diffuser works by imitating the F3 facial pheromones. 

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