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What Cats Love

What Cats Love

What Cats Love


Cats have many wonderful ways of showing their joy and affection for you so wouldn’t it be great to be able to give them everything you could that would make them happy?

Sometimes just being able to cater for their needs is enough to make your furry friend truly content in life so we will look at the top best things that your cat loves.


What Cats Love

Cats just seem to love boxes. This is because they give them a form of comfort and security from enclosed spaces and offer an excellent vantage point to watch what is going on around them while not being seen. This is especially good for the timid cat as their first instinct when scared would be to run and hide.

 Sometimes your cat will seek out this type of space when they want or feel the need to be alone. The cardboard box offers this to them and studies of cats in rescue shelters, where half the cats were given boxes and the other half were not, showed the cats with access to boxes were far less stressed than those who had not been given a box. They got used to their new surroundings quicker and were much more interested in interacting with people. 

Cardboard boxes are usually made of thick insulating materials which actually help keep your cat warm so they may well be inclined to want to take a casual nap in this warm location too. You may want to add a blanket or towel to the bottom of the box to make it even more comfortable for them and don’t forget to leave them alone in their chosen safe space.

High Places

What Cats Love

Your cat will love to observe the world from a high vantage point where they can see all around them and sleep, feeling safe up high and away from passing foot traffic and other animals.

Whether it is the top of the refrigerator, the top of wardrobes,  high shelves or the window ledge, your cat will prefer the top half of the room where they can see what is going on around them. 

In the wild, cats are both predator and prey and would use these high vantage points to keep safe and spot other prey. While domestic cats have retained some of this hereditary behaviour, hanging at the top of the refrigerator allows your cat to observe and offers them a private space of their own.

Ensuring your cat has plenty of space to perch, climb and jump and your cat will be very happy.

Staring out of the Windows

Cats have very good vision but see the world of colour differently from humans. Cats see in hues of greys and blues and can spend countless hours staring out of the window watching the world go by.

 They are fascinated by objects being blown around by the wind, the birds twittering and jumping from branch to branch, insects and people walking around. 

Looking out of the window can be a great way to distract your cat and while away some time so ensure your cat has a comfortable window perch with clear views of the outside to keep them inquisitive, curious and visually stimulated.

Talking to your Cat

Your cat definitely loves when you speak to them. They know you are addressing them and know your voice and tone. Baby talk is especially appreciated by your cat and they will respond to people better when spoken to in a soft reassuring voice or a baby voice just for them.

Volume and tone of voice are especially important when it comes to dealing with felines as they may feel safe or threatened depending on the loudness or tone of our voices.

Speaking to your cat in a soft tone will allow you to strengthen your bond with them while letting them know that you love them.

Cat Toys

Cats are possessive of their human and of their things and they love to have their own toys, especially toys that mimic prey.

 These toys are especially good for your cat as they keep your cat mentally stimulated and offer a chance of exercise for them too. The interaction between you both will also strengthen the bond between you and your fur baby will look forward to playing with their toys together or alone.

The best toys are those that look, feel or even smell like small prey. Wands are a great toy as the feathers mimic birds and allow your cat to evoke their predatory instincts. Bells, feathers and other attachments are all excellent for keeping your cat mentally and physically stimulated.


Cats are descendants from wild desert cats so they are inherently inclined to seek out warmth. They have an average body temperature of 102 degrees Fahrenheit compared to humans with an average of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit so when living in cooler climates a cat must compensate for this. 

Cats love heat so it would be a good idea to have lots of spaces for your cat to warm up throughout the home. Provide things like cosy blankets, cat beds or even heated pads under something soft to make them truly comfortable.

Cats especially love the warmth of the sun so be sure and leave curtains open to allow sunshine to bathe a room so that your furry friend can indulge themselves on the hot patches on your floor.


What Cats Love

Make no mistake, your cat loves YOU!! The person who loves them and shows them affection.

Studies show that when a cat and owner are left in an unfamiliar room together, your cat will be quite comfortable with assurances from you but as soon as the cat was left entirely alone in the room for a few minutes, their stress level rose almost immediately. 

Further studies in a Canadian University test trialled cats to see what was more important to them, food, play or social interaction and even when food was withheld from them, cats preferred human interaction primarily.

So, if you ever think your cat loves food more than you, just know as they are munching away that they do in fact actually love you more.


What Cats Love 

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