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Why Cats are Abandoned?
Cat Care

Why Cats are Abandoned?

Do you ever wonder why Rescue centres and Cat and Dog homes are always advertised as “at full capacity”?

Why are there so many stray cats in and around cities and why do so many cats need to be rehomed?

Did you know millions of cats are killed each year because shelters are full and there simply aren’t enough adoptive homes?

Why is this?

The answer is that people have let them down. People have refused to try and understand the true nature of their cats and give up on them, accusing them of being “disruptive” and “problematic” and ultimately end up “getting rid” of the poor cat often abandoning them and leaving them to fend for themselves.

But what is it that owners find so disruptive and problematic?

There are many factors that could contribute to an owner having to give up their pet like losing their job, going through a divorce, ill-health and lack of funding, allergies or a new baby and such reasons would convince an owner that surrendering their pet to a shelter may be the best thing for their old friend. It is a common misconception thinking their cat will be quickly rehomed as the truth is more and more people would simply prefer to adopt a kitten than invest in an older cat.

But did you know the number 1 reason for pet abandonment is toileting problems?

It is the sad truth that the main reason given for rehoming a cat is fouling outside the litter box!!

People simply have not educated themselves in the ways of cats and their requirements and find spraying, night activity and cat stress symptoms like fouling outside the litter box, reason enough to give up on their pet. These types of cat owners would likely invest in a kitten but then complain when they don’t understand the changing needs and requirements of their growing cat ie. neutering before sexual maturity.

Litter Tray Problems

Fouling outside the litter tray can seem like the worst problem for any cat owner but with a little bit of understanding and patience, we can get to the root of the cause. As cats are creatures of habit, changes to your cat’s home or environment can cause your cat stress and may cause problems while they are adjusting to the new changes. It could be something as simple as moving your cat’s litter tray or having unfamiliar guests in the home, but certainly, a change has come about that isn’t agreeing with your cat. It could be their cat litter hurts their paws or the consistency isn’t comfortable for them.

Firstly you may want to move your cat’s litter tray to a quiet part of the house where they won’t be disturbed or suddenly become frightened while doing their business.

Consider what cat litter is being used. Premium Tofu Cat Litter is a Vet-recommended product which is 100% natural and organic making it safe if eaten and kinder to kittens having been especially designed for them due to its lightweight and consistency. It is easy to use and waste and odours are easily flushed away adding convenience to any cat cleaning routine.

Invest in an anti-anxiety calming cat bed. These have been proven to help make a cat feel more secure and protected with its doughnut shape and soft folds where cats can happily snuggle up and disappear into. Especially beneficial for scared and nervous cats.

anti-anxiety calming cat bed

Having taken these basic first steps to solve the riddle of the litter tray saga, we would then recommend a visit to the vet.

You see cats are meticulous when it comes to their toileting habits and have inherently for generations taken great care to cover their mess, so if they are leaving this exposed and outside the litter tray then they are definitely trying to tell you something is wrong and you should take this seriously and book a vet appointment. Your cat may be in pain and unable to tell you. It is up to you to always try and understand or make an effort to understand what is going on with your cat to help prevent this as the reason for abandonment.

premium tofu cat litter
Helping Your Cat Stay HEALTHY
As we all know, the majority of the time when keeping our cats healthy all we really need to do is give them lots of love and attention, a warm shelter, good nutritious food, and plenty of water. 
However, at times this is just not enough and we find our furry friends in a number of situations that cause them discomfort, disease and ongoing health concerns that ultimately require veterinary attention. 

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