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Why Cats Point Their Bum At You

Why Cats Point Their Bum At You

Have you ever wondered why when stroking your cat that they turn and show you their bum?


Everything was going so well and your cat was responding to your long loving strokes then they suddenly turn around and showed you their bum.  

Naturally, it is not the most pleasant thing to be faced with but why do they do this and what does it mean?


The reason for this is simply and clearly to show you they trust you.

By showing you their rear they are showing you their vulnerable side and as they are exposed to attack from behind and unable to completely defend themselves when a cat is presenting you with their bum it is one sign of complete trust. 


Sometimes your cat will show you their butt to show you just how much they love you too. You will notice this easily as cats can be very responsive and reciprocate to a loving touch and will rub happily against you lifting their tails and rear in the air, sometimes turning many times to display their bum to you. This is a high honour and compliment for you from your feline companion.

Scent Glands

While cats have scent glands all over their bodies which they like to transfer to their owner and their “property”, the anal glands of a cat carry a lot of information for other cats to access like their gender, age and health.

When they allow another cat to smell them from the rear, they are giving that cat access to information and possibly allowing you to try your hand at understanding them too. They are also allowing the other cat to get close to them so it is often an invitation to “join the gang.”

Lifting the Rear End

When your cat lifts their rear end when you stroke them, it stems from biological instinct when they were cleaned from head to toe by their mothers allowing them to bond better. The mother cat would need the kitten to raise their rear end to be thoroughly cleaned so as a result they naturally lift their rear ends when petted at the base of their tails.

When your cats do this they are also letting you know that you have “hit the spot” and they are enjoying themselves. The butt will slowly raise higher and higher in appreciation while the front paws will be lowered.

 This is commonly known as the  “elevator butt” and is easily identified as your cat’s bum slowly raises just like an elevator.

When your cat wants attention from you they will tend to approach you in their usual friendly manner then turn and show you their bum. Just know this is a compliment.

When your cat approaches you this way, gently stroke your cat at the base of their tail and they should arch their rear to enable better contact and to allow their scent to brush against you.

 They will love you doing this and love your new found understanding of them.


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